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Elissa Felder

Elissa Felder, originally from London, England moved to the US in 1985. Her first child Sam died in surgery at the age of 6 months. After raising her ensuing 5 children she returned to the workforce as a RN working in the field of women and child health.

For the last few years she has led women on the JWRP trips to Israel from Providence, RI where she now lives. She teaches and organizes follow up for these JWRP women. In addition she is an active volunteer for the Providence Community Kollel teaching, hosting Shabbat and Holiday meals in her home and organizing events.

Elissa is an active member of the Providence RI chevra kadisha and is available to speak about it’s importance.

In addition Elissa has started organizing trips to Israel for women who have either been on one JWRP and would like to return again with a small group or for women who do not qualify for a JWRP trip in the first place.

Please contact Elissa at elissafelder@aol.com with questions, comments or for more information.

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