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Chef Zissie

Chef Zissie runs numerous exclusive and special events and classes for her clients, specializing in flavor. She cooks and teaches in a unique way of using fresh ingredients to create flavor fusions that will wow you. If you don't have the opportunity to have Chef Zissie as your own private chef, don't fret! She has a website www.chefzissierecipes.com that was created to plan out your daily dinner menus for you, down to the shopping list. Her recipes are all unique, yet relatable. They are easy, yet impressive. they are extremely healthy, yet bursting in flavor. Chef Zissie has created a name for herself that stands out in the kosher world of cooking, by studying the cuisines of the world and using them as inspiration to help people understand food and flavor in the most non-intimidating and exciting way yet!

Interesting Salads, Fish and Meat for Rosh Hashanah

Including pesto pistachio, kasha mushroom and all-in-one simanim salads.

Snacks and Breakfast Recipes for Passover

Zucchini pizzas, Sangrias, spinach shakshuka and more.

Ultimate Passover Seder Menu

My secret to cooking great food on Passover: use fresh ingredients.

Purim Menu Bursting with Flavor

It’s colorful, flavorful, healthy and beyond delicious, and won’t take you forever to make.

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