About the Author

Rabbi Dr. David Fox

Rabbi Dr. David Fox is a forensic and clinical psychologist, residing in Los Angeles, where he is also a rav and rabbinic lecturer, a published author, and graduate school professor. He regularly serves as a dayan on the rabbinical courts of Jerusalem and in the United States, and has authored responsa on the four portions of Shulchan Aruch. He is the Director of Interventions and Community Education of Project Chai, the Crisis, Trauma and Bereavement Department for Chai Lifeline International. He can be reached at:


The Emergency Call & the Anti-Semite

What does it take for a person to rethink his prejudices?

Tainted Money

The cashier insisted that I keep the extra change found in the coin dispenser.

The Nazi and the Jew-Doctor

What drove this tortured soul to seek out a Jewish psychologist?

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