About the Author

Dr. Naomi L. Baum

Naomi L. Baum, Ph.D., a psychologist, internationally consults in the field of trauma and resilience. She is the author of two books, "Life Unexpected: A Trauma Psychologist Journeys through Breast Cancer," and "Free Yourself from Fear: A Seven Day Plan for Overcoming Fear of (Recurrent) Cancer, both available on Amazon. Naomi is an avid traveler, scuba diver, cyclist and cook and blogs and publishes on her travels. She is a mother of seven, grandmother of sixteen, married to the same man for more than forty years and lives in Israel. Her website is: http://www.naomibaum.com

Israel’s First Paralympic Gold Medalist

Most people don’t fall from an Apache helicopter and live to tell the tale. That’s just one of the things that make Noam Gershony different.

Life Unexpected: Losing My Mom

My mother chose to meet death in her own way.

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