About the Author

Chayi Hanfling

Chayi Hanfling lives in Los Angeles with her husband and four children. She has a Masters in social work and currently works for JAM, a campus outreach organization.

Jewish Tools to Manage Stress

Four insights to help you keep sane.

Anything but Anger

Overcoming anger towards others can actually change our relationship with God.

Are Labels Just for Clothing?

Understanding the positive and negative usages of labels.

The Secret to a Guilt-free Yom Kippur

Understanding the crucial difference between negative guilt and constructive regret.

Three Things I Learned by Deleting Facebook from My Phone

Breaking any habit is hard. But I’m learning to embrace the white space of life.

Staying at Home with the Kids on Rosh Hashanah while My Husband Prays in Shul

Examining our patriarchal assumptions about which work is important.

Jewish Women in the Footsteps of Wonder Woman

Growing up surrounded by only girls enabled me to develop my self-worth independent of the admiration and judgment of boys.

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