About the Author

Rabbi Jacob Rupp

Jacob Rupp is a rabbi and the executive director of Aish Minnesota. He is also a leadership and performance coach for executives and CEOs. He is passionate about helping leaders achieve clarity and direction in decision-making, and transformational growth in self-perception and marital happiness.

Jacob and his wife Julie have been married for 14 years and live in Minneapolis with their four children. He is a syndicated writer, the host of the Lift Your Legacy podcast, and the soon to be released podcast "The Jewish Executive" on Aish.tv.

Please reach out to him at jrupp@aish.edu

Pain, Horror and Fear in Minneapolis

The shock of seeing our quiet city become ground zero for a jarring, horrific abuse of power, launching violent protests across the country.

Sliver by Sliver: Rosh Hashanah, Weight Loss and the Path to Real Change

Greatness comes through the tough, little actions we make every day.

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