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Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis was born and raised in South Africa and studied in Yeshivot in Israel. He served as Chief Rabbi of Ireland before his appointment as the 11th Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. He is considered a religious and spiritual figurehead for Jewish Communities around the world, whom he represents regularly both in the media and at the highest levels of State.

Continuity and Accuracy

Continuity and accuracy are required for the counting of the Omer. We learn this from this...

Hidden Rewards

Parshat Metzora introduces us to the fascinating subject of Tsara'at HaBayit, 'Leprosy of...

The Connection Between Passover and Tisha B'Av

What is the antidote to gratuitous hatred? The answer comes in a surprising connection between...

Teachers Are Mighty

The importance of teachers.

Giving and Receiving

When you give, you receive.

Your One and Only

Following his experience at the burning bush, Moshe went down to Egypt and led the Bnei Yisrael...

Who Are the True Heavyweights?

Who are the true heavyweights within our society? In Parshat Vaeira we are told about the...

The Names of Moses' Parents

We all have the potential to be great.

How Many Days Old Are You?

How many days old are you? This sounds like an odd thing to ask, but it was actually the...

Thank God For Forgetfulness

The 'Shesh Zechirot' are the six commandments of the Torah which call upon us to recall key...

In War, There Are No Winners

Parashat Vayishlach describes Yaakov's feelings just before his fateful encounter with his twin...

How Can Seven Years Be Like a Few Days?

We are told how Yaakov worked for seven long years for the hand of Rachel in marriage. The Torah...

What Is True Love?

Enduring love is unconditional.

Miracles in the Holocaust?

Can we celebrate miracles that even occurred in the Holocaust?

Trying Your Best

It isn't just about the destination, the journey counts as well.

Leaving Your Legacy

You don't have to be famous in order to make your mark.

The Art of Parenting

The world’s first experience of parenting was a total disaster. What happened?

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