About the Author

Eve Levy

Eve Levy is the director of Women's programming at the Portland Kollel. The favorite part of her job is taking women to Israel to share her love of the land and of the Jewish people. Eve has been a city leader on JWRP since 2010 and recently she has created a woman's trip called The Poland Israel Journey. Eve will be leading her 12th trip this year. When Eve is not running inspirational programs for her community she is blogging, cookie decorating, or coaching her friends.

My Husband’s Paralyzed Face

My husband looked awful and I was horrified. He just carried on with no embarrassment, life as usual.

Preparing My Friend’s Mother for Burial

I wasn’t prepared for the life-changing experience.

My Seventh Baby: My Marriage

All I wanted was another baby. My husband wanted us to go to marriage counselling instead.

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