About the Author

Dan Fellner

Dan Fellner is a seven-time Fulbright fellow, a faculty associate at Arizona State University and a freelance travel writer specializing in Jewish destinations. He has written for numerous newspapers and magazines about Jewish communities in such places as Ecuador, Vietnam, Serbia, Malta, Barbados, India, Alaska and Myanmar. He’s also a public speaker on Jewish topics. You can reach the author at dan.fellner@asu.edu and view all his published work at www.Global-Travel-Info.com.

Bagels on the Bayou: A Visit to New Orleans

New Orleans is home to a unique and surprisingly vibrant Jewish community.

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I was all shook up in Mississippi.

24 Hours in Shanghai

Exploring the city’s inspiring and little-known Jewish history during a one-day visit.

Checking Out the Jewish Scene in Phuket, Thailand

Hanging with the Chabad rabbi and eating Kosher Pad-Thai.

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