About the Author

Deborah Gastfreund Schuss

Deborah Gastfreund Schuss is an award-winning reporter and the recipient of a health/science journalism fellowship that supported her graduate education at the Harvard Kennedy School. She was a correspondent for The Boston Globe for six years, reported for The Associated Press, and has worked for other news organizations as a writer and editor. She has been published in The Wall Street Journal, the Jerusalem Post and in the international health-policy journal Health Affairs, among other media, and she also authors a blog for The Times of Israel.

Will Jew-Hatred Define a New America?

Shaken by the brazenness of the recent antisemitic attacks, American Jews are questioning their security in the US.

God at the Zoo

Faith guides this director’s workday.

Sowing Seeds of Israel-Hatred at Jewish Summer Camp

A subversive grassroots program is training camp counselors to present an anti-Israel agenda to campers.

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