About the Author

Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Leibowitz

Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Leibowitz teaches Gemara (Talmud), Jewish History and Philosophy at Yeshivat Sha’alvim and is the author of a number of books and articles in English and Hebrew, including Hashgachah Pratis: An Exploration of Divine Providence and Free Will (2009), The Early Rishonim: A Talmud Student’s Guide (2015), and The Neshamah: A Study of the Human Soul.

Your Divine Soul: The Study of Torah

The blueprint of the universe is the key to understanding reality.

Your Divine Soul: Becoming a Better Vessel for Divine Light

Spiritual achievement is only possible if man utilizes his intellect and acquires a degree of philosophic depth, emotional sensitivity, and moral sensibility.

Your Divine Soul: An Introduction

A Jewish perspective on understanding the nature of the divine element that exists within man.

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