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2. Text and Meaning

Deconstructing the basic components of a bracha.

1. What is a Bracha?

The philosophy and inspiration behind the blessings.

Condemning the Violence

Israeli society is repulsed and outraged at the latest violence allegedly perpetrated by Jews.

34. M&Ms - Part 2: Memachaik, Mesarteit, Mechateich

Smoothing out solids, and cutting things to size.

32. Shochait: Live and Let Live

Actions that cause bleeding or kills a living thing.

31. Tzad: Catch Me if You Can

Confining the movement of a living creature.

30. Tofair: Making a Connection

Tightly attaching two flexible surfaces by means of a third material.

29. Koshair: Knot What You Think

A halachic knot is permanent and tight.

28. The Melachot of Weaving

All about the construction and operation of a loom.

Infographic: 7 Dangers to Israel

The State of Israel, founded in 1948, is besieged today more than ever.

Permission to Destroy the Jews

With the Iran nuclear deal, we must not let history repeat itself.

27. Combing, Coloring, Spinning: Fun with Wool

Three melachot that involve cases of cosmetics, food coloring, and spills.

26. Melaben: Halachic White-Out

Cleaning stains from various materials.

Staged Palestinian Photos

Digital editing tools spark a wave of fake photos.

25. Gozez: No Need to be Sheepish

Issues of removing hair, skin and nails.

24. Bishul – Part 6: Hot Water, Cold Water and More

Stirring the pot, and a summary of all the cooking law.

23. Bishul - Part 5: Hatmana – Insulating Food

The difference between materials that increase the heat, or retain heat.

21. Bishul - Part 3: Standing the Heat…

Ladles, re-cooking, roasting, and much more.

20. Bishul – Part 2: Three Degrees of Separation

The proximity of the utensil to a heat source determines its status.

19. Bishul - Part 1: The Heat is On

Defining the cooking process – whether direct, or generations removed.

18. Losh: Mixing it Up

Mixing two substances to create a new, thick and consistent product.

17. Tochen - Part 2: Healing on Shabbat

The rules of taking medicines and driving to the hospital.

16. Tochen - Part 1: Back to the Grind

Rules for cutting up your vegetable salad.

15. Meraked: Sifting and Straining

Salt shakers, water filters and more.

13. Borer - Part 3: From Soup to Nuts

Exploring a full range of practical applications.

11. Borer - Part 1: Make Your Choice

Be careful not to separate different types from a mixture.

10. Zoreh: Blowin' in the Wind

Separating two things by use of wind or air power.

8. Dosh - Part 2: The Big Squeeze

The prohibition of squeezing juice from a fruit.

7. Dosh - Part 1: From Threshing Floor to Kitchen

Separating a growing item from its natural shell or peel.

6. Me'amer: Gather 'Round

The prohibition of gathering together things that grow.

5. Kotzer: From the Ground Up

Think twice before climbing a tree on Shabbat.

Tortured in Iran

Ahmad Batebi bears witness to a brutal, untrustworthy regime.

4. Sowing: So What?

Helping trees, seeds and flowers grow better.

3. Plowing: Back to our Roots

The ground rules: walking and playing.

2. Thoughtful Work

Eight key conditions to constitute true "work" on Shabbat.

1. Shabbat: Day of Rest

An introduction to the idea of "creative labor activities."

40. Holidays - Part 4

The rabbinic holidays of Chanukah and Purim.

39. Holidays - Part 3

Tishrei: The High Holidays and Sukkot.

38. Holidays - Part 2

The Omer, Shavuot, and modern Israeli holidays.

37. Holidays - Part 1

An overview of the Jewish year, and all about Passover.

Canada's Ambassador to Israel

Decades later, the pro-Israel Vivian Bercovici returns home. Aish.com exclusive.

36. Shabbat

One of the holiest days, comes around every week.

The Brian Williams Controversy

The pressures of high-stakes entertainment news.

31. Mezuzah

The complete guide to a Jewish doorpost.

28. Kashrut

All about kosher food. And why keep kosher in the first place?

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