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Rabbi Stephen Baars

If you like what you read, you will love Rabbi Baars' new book, WIN: change your thinking, change your destiny. Available now on Amazon. Rabbi Baars has spoken all over the world, from the United States Senate to the famous Los Angeles Improv. He is a regular speaker at the Fortune Magazine Summits and the author of many books. He is known for imparting important ideas with creativity and humor as you will see on his websites: www.getbliss.com and www.core9.live. His also the creator of the highly popular motivational seminar: Think Like a Winner. Rabbi Baars and his wife, Ruth, are blessed with seven children.

Baruch Hamakom

"Blessed is The One Who gave the Torah to His people Israel."

This Is Boring!

Newly Revised When did "boring" become cruel and unusual punishment? On any given Sunday, at...

Dreams and limitations

"Every man's enemy is under his own ribs - i.e. his own desires." (Chovot...

Choice Equals Life

"Man is wise only while he searches for wisdom. If he thinks he has found it, he is a...

Sukkot and the Quality of Life

Sukkot represents the essence of everything we are striving for.

Education Is Life

Education is not simply a room lined with desks. Education takes place every instant of every day...

Self Fulfillment

Actualizing your potential by emulating God.


Would you be surprised if your child turned out less moral than you?

Real New Age Religion

"Whatever has been, it is what will be. And whatever has been done, it is what will be done....

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Wisdom is to the soul, as food is to the body.

Jewish Quest

"If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a...

Festive Meal, Afikomen, Grace

Why are these part of the 15 steps to Freedom?

Sukkot and the Quality of Life

The Sukkot holiday is the essence of everything we are striving for: meaning, fulfillment, purpose, happiness.

Know Thine Enemy

If our innate desire is for good, why do we make so many mistakes?

Dreams and Limitations

Limitations seem part and parcel of the human condition. But are limitations inborn? Or is it something we learn?

The Electronic Chuppah

New doesn't always come with improved.

Life Or Existence?

Great vacations do not equal a great life.

Purpose and Meaning

"Insufficient funds." They aren't the worst words I have ever heard but they definitely...

Ten Days of Repentance

"Run not too far, for thou must return the same distance." (Midrash - Kohelet Rabbati 11) Every...

The Cure for Marriage Blues

Do you believe it's possible to achieve marital bliss?

Shortcut Parenting

More than any technique, your child needs your time, your concern and your caring.

Vayishlach 5759

"Friendship is one heart in two bodies." Ibn Ezra (Torah commentator) I will always...

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