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Rabbi Ari Kahn

Rabbi Ari Kahn received his rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University's Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary where he studied with Rabbi Yosef Dov Soloveitchik. He graduated Yeshiva University with a BA in psychology and an MS degree in Talmud.

He is Director of Foreign Student Programs at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, where he also is a senior lecturer in Jewish studies.

He is a renowned speaker, and has lectured worldwide. Having authored hundreds of articles on the weekly parasha and holidays with a readership in excess of 10,000, Rabbi Kahn is also the author of Explorations, an in-depth analysis of the weekly Torah reading, and Emanations, an in-depth analysis of the Jewish holidays. A new series - "Echoes of Eden" is currently in progress. This is a projected 5 volume set to be published by the OU and Gefen Publishing. The first three volumes are in print and the fourth is in production.

Drawing upon the vast reservoir of rabbinic literature – from Talmud to Midrash, from Zohar to the chassidic masters – Rabbi Kahn combines the mystical explorations of kabbala and chassidism with a highly-intellectual and broad-minded approach to Torah study. He applies psychology, literature and Jewish history to the understanding of esoteric midrashim and the Zohar. Five volumes of "Explorations" have been published in French. He has lived in Israel since 1984 with his wife Naomi and 5 children.

A Divine Rendezvous

Group dynamics are interesting and complex. Individuals who come from different places,...

The Seven Books

One God, two Tablets, three patriarchs, four matriarchs, and five books of the Torah; that is how...

The Sin of Ascetism

The truly sensitive soul eschews spiritual counterfeits.

The Theory of Conservation of Holiness

As the Book of Bamidbar begins, the Israelites have been encamped at the foot of Sinai for over a...


Modern colloquial Hebrew uses an ancient rabbinicism when asking what two seemingly disparate...

Teach Your Children

As is often the case, the name of this week's parasha is taken from a word in the very first...

A Nation of Priests

From the beginning of the book of Vayikra, our attention has been focused on the Mishkan and the...


The twin Torah portions of Tazria and Metzora contend with many physiological phenomena - some...

You Are What You Eat

An approach to understanding the laws of keeping kosher.

Passover: Family and Nation

The building blocks of the Jewish people is the family.

Matzah and Chametz

If bread is associated with negative attributes, why do we eat it all year round?


The Mishkan and the power of change.

An Accounting

As the Book of Shmot draws to a conclusion, so, too, does the building of the Mishkan. The...

Purim: Knowing Tomorrow

At the foot of Mount Sinai – the very same spot where the most awesome events had unfolded a...

Purim and the Masks We Wear

Purim reminds us that we spend too much of our lives masking our genuine selves and living in dissonance with our souls.

Holy Clothing

Exploring the deeper significance behind the priestly garments.

The View From Above

Mount Sinai, the Temple & the unity of the Jewish People.

Even From the Altar

In the chapters that immediately precede this week's Torah portion, the Ten Commandments rang out...

Unity, Not Uniformity

When the Jews arrived at Mount Sinai they were, in a very real sense, a brand new People. They had...

Winds of Salvation

On loud and quiet miracles.

It's the Children

The plagues continue; in fact, their severity seems to have increased. Pounded by plague after...

Lessons in Leadership

As we endure yet another election season, leaders and leadership are on our minds – as they...

Redemption Song

Very suddenly, the servitude that had been predicted so many years earlier, in the covenant forged...

Take Me Home

As Yaakov nears the end of his life, he summons his son Yosef and pleads with him to see to it...

Becoming Yehuda

Eleven sons of Yaakov stand, accused and threatened, before one of the most powerful men in the...

Staring at the Truth

After many years, they meet again. They had parted ways years ago, a parting that was the result...

Reading the Signs

The situation quickly spiraled out of control: Words, dreams, jealousy and hatred - and then, talk...

Preparing for War, Praying for Peace

Understanding Yaakov’s three-pronged approach to encountering his enemy.

Feet on the Ground, Head in the Sky

Creating harmony between the mundane physical and the lofty spiritual.

Stand-Up Comedy

"These are the generations of Yitzchak the son of Avraham, Avraham fathered Yitzchak."...

Negotiations and Acquisitions

A strange negotiation is reported in this week's parasha. Sarah has died and Avraham has a...

It Never Crossed My Mind

Exploring the binding of Isaac.


Great people are made, not born. Sometimes they are self-made. Avraham was such a person. Born...

Men Behaving Very Badly

The hope of a brand new world was quickly shattered. Sin eclipsed holiness and almost immediately,...

The Shabbat App

We have become enslaved to the very technology designed to liberate us.

A Holy Family

If you want God to treat you as His child, you must treat other people as your brothers and sisters.

(Don’t) Look Back

A Jewish view of history.

The High Holy Days: Belief in Man

The Rosh Hashanah - Yom Kippur season is upon us, filling our minds and hearts with so many...

A Recipe for Happiness

Although we have at our disposal almost inconceivable tools of communication, we have forgotten how to speak honestly with ourselves, and how to speak to God.


Parashat Ki Tetze discusses a host of abusive behaviors, some sexual and others financial. In...

The Vagabond

On a lonely dark road, swift movements, footsteps, a thud ... silence: a corpse. Who was he?...


Making life and death decisions.

With All Your Heart and All Your Souls

All over the world, every day, for millennia, Jews recite the three chapters of the Shema. The...

Is "One" a Number?

To a large extent, the Book of Devarim is a polemic against idolatry. Moshe instructs, cajoles and...

The Price of Hatred

What is baseless hatred?

Walking in Circles

There is something that may seem rather depressing about the start of the final parasha in the...

"Shall Your Brothers Go To War While You Sit Here?"

"Shall your brothers go to war while you sit here?" With these words Moshe hurls a...

God Does Not Work For Us

I thank God for bringing the boys back home.

Reading Anti-Semites

Sometimes the best medicine for the Jews is to see the newspapers of those who hate us.

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