About the Author

Yaffa Ganz

Yaffa Ganz is the award winning author of forty titles for Jewish children, two books of essays for adults and many articles of Jewish interest in Jewish publications worldwide. She has written the popular Savta Simcha series and Sand and Stars - A Jewish Journey Through Time (a two volume Jewish history book for teen readers). The Ganzes live in Jerusalem.

Dr. Mitzvah - Passover

The delicious food for the Cedarville Seder is stolen!

Dr. Mitzvah - Purim

An upside-down turn-around day.

Dr. Mitzvah - Rosh Hashana

Dr. Mitzva looked out the window of his office. "Oh my," he said, "it's raining again.

The Purim Story

Is Purim just a fun-filled dress up holiday? Or is it something more? Perhaps it's a flip-flop, upside-down, full of surprises kind of day...not at all what you'd expect.

Dr. Mitzvah - Land of the Smiling Sun

Imagine - Happy Sun Indians crying!

Dr. Mitzvah - Subway Scramble

A Nest of Trouble! Flying feathers and flying tempers and much ado about cockledoodledoo.

Dr. Mitzvah - Tu B'Shvat

Discovering the treasure of the trees.

The Story of Jerusalem

The cherished history of Jerusalem, based on ancient Jewish sources.

Dr. Mitzvah - Chanukah

Dr. Mitzvah delivers some light.

Dr. Mitzvah - Get Well Julie

Stethoscope, thermometer, plastic sticks, lollipops, aspirins, cough syrup, band-aids. Dar. Mitzvah had everything he'd need.

Dr. Mitzvah in "A Light for Andy"

Join Dr. Mitzvah as he builds a Chanukah menorah!

Dr. Mitzva and the Rosh Hashana Favor

"What will we do on Rosh Hashana without a shofar? Dr. Mitzvah you are the only one who can help us!"

From Shushan to Jerusalem

Purim is the time of sudden reversal, a time to prepare for the rebuilding of eternal Jerusalem.

Praying Big, Praying Small

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are a time of concentrated prayer. But how does one pray effectively if one isn't even sure how to begin or what to pray for?

The Jewish Woman's Regret Chart

Alphabetically arranged for easy reference.

A Picture of Life

The present has become an elaborate excuse to take a picture for the future.

Thank God

It's difficult to be upbeat when you are surrounded with enemies, terror, hatred and death. But there is much to be thankful for.

Keep Your Finnish Gas Masks

Dear Finnish Foreign Minister, It's a difficult situation and I am dreadfully sorry you are so upset with the Jewish people. We are, after all, only trying to stay alive.

A Place to Sigh: Israel Memorial Day

Thousands of strangers come to the funeral of a soldier who was kidnapped, tortured and killed because of his Star of David.

The Truth of Israel

A Jew living in Israel has to keep the faith. It is more difficult when surrounded by a sea of falsehood.

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