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Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Rabbi Benjamin Blech, a frequent contributor to Aish, is a Professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University and an internationally recognized educator, religious leader, and lecturer. He is the author of 19 highly acclaimed books with combined sales of over a half million copies. See his website at rabbibenjaminblech.com.

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Cruel Comfort

Dos and don'ts at a shiva house.

Life after Death

What matters most is maximizing our life before death.

Bernie & The Godfather

Two contemporary morality tales convey the same important message.

A Serious Man

If only the Coen brothers were serious.

It’s A Wonderful Life

The film's powerful Rosh Hashanah message.


Releasing the Lockerbie bomber is a perversion of morality.

No Bread

Passover & four questions for a financial crisis.

My Encounter with the Pope

Was I wrong at that moment to believe it's at last possible to cast off centuries of mistrust, misunderstanding and religious intolerance?

No Bread

Passover & four questions for a financial crisis.

Why Seven Is Holy

On Shabbat, we shut out the world so we can hear our soul.

Kristallnacht: Murder by Euphemism

To remember Kristallnacht properly, we must first renounce its German-given name.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This well-meaning book ends up distorting the Holocaust.

Your Money or Your Life

As a generation blessed with abundant wealth, Sukkot ensures that we keep our priorities straight.

The Michelangelo Code

Is the Sistine Chapel the site for the greatest subversive act in the history of art?

The Tsunami and God

Let our primary question in the wake of this tragedy be not "Why did it happen?" but rather "What can I do to help?"

"The Secret" Revealed

God as a cosmic bellhop.

A Flawed "Mighty Heart"

The film's message is antithetical to the real meaning of Daniel Pearl's murder.

The Golden Compass Controversy

Should this film be boycotted?

Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains

The film is as painful to watch as your last root canal, without the benefit of gaining something positive from the experience.

For God's Sake

The challenge of our age: not to desecrate God's holy name with acts that profane all that He stands for.

Jews and Power

If Jews are so smart, how come we are so stupid?

Uniqueness of the Holocaust

What makes this different from any other event in history?

Judgment Day on Wall Street

Is Wall Street sending us a Rosh Hashanah message?

Six Million: The Problem With Numbers

Do the enormous numbers of the Holocaust depersonalize it?

Where Was God in Virginia Tech?

God's seeming indifference is in fact an expression of His greatest gift to mankind.

The Silence of the Lamb

Could the victims somehow be seen as accomplices in their own death?

The Madoff Madness

Honor and dishonor in the Jewish community.

The Fifth Question: Pessimist or Optimist?

Passover is the story that answers man's existential quest for spiritual connection.

Nuremberg Trials: Pursuit of Justice

What happens when there is a conflict between human values and the law of the land?

The Eichmann Trial

The trial of the man who Hitler chose to carry out the "Final Solution".

Silence of the World

One of Hitler's greatest allies in the holocaust was the indifference of the world.

"The Da Vinci Code" and the Jews

The controversial book highlights the fundamental differences between Judaism and Roman Catholicism.

When The Dow Goes Down

A Jewish perspective on the widening financial crisis.

When Bad Things Happen

If God is good, why is the world so bad?


Gordon Gekko is alive and well. Meet his rival.

Oprah's Choice

The powerful message of Elie Wiesel's Night.

Intermarriage and the N.Y. Times

Is there ever any line that is crossed that calls for communal condemnation?

The Passion: The Movie and the Aftermath

Perhaps our best response to this Hollywood missionary effort is to look inward and take pride in the beauty of our own faith.

Mel Gibson and the Jews

His latest lethal weapon? Mel's film promises spiritual inspiration but instead evokes the kind of rage that for centuries past resulted in ruthless acts of retribution.

Condemning the Terrorists

September 11th and the danger of moral relativism.

Spielberg Phone Home

Munich is a distortion of truth and morality.

Are First Grade Kids Killers

The tragedy of a first grader killing his classmate should not cloud our vision of the greater picture which is always getting better.

Why 2K?

Worried about the Year 2K problem? Relax. The Jewish people already solved that 3,760 years ago.

If I Were a Rich Man

Losing a lot of money, just like suddenly making millions, forces you to confront your real priorities in life.


Our obsession for acquiring wealth has far less to do with our personal wants than with our refusal to have less than others.

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