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Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith

Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children. He is the chief editor of Aish.com, one of the world's largest Judaism websites. He is the author of Shmooze: A Guide to Thought-Provoking Discussion on Essential Jewish Issues – a must-have little book for anyone who loves a good question, and the co-author of Rabbi Noah Weinberg’s 48 Ways to Wisdom and Wisdom for Living: Rabbi Noah Weinberg of the Parsha.

Rest and Relaxation

Our task is to go out and build our world. And then comes Day Seven.

Material vs. Spiritual

In Judaism, you can't be holy without the physical.

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

From one parent of a child with Down syndrome to another.

Morality: Who Needs God?

If there is an absolute standard of morality, then there must be a God. Disagree? Consider the alternative.

Hiding from God

Who is the master of your universe? A Rosh Hashanah meditation.

Mayor with the Golden Touch

Uri Lupolianski, mayor of Jerusalem, has an even bigger claim to fame. An Aish.com exclusive.

Wrestling with Suffering

Jewish philosophical approaches to one of life's fundamental questions.

Transcendence and Oneness

Kurt Vonnegut and encounters with the Infinite source of existence.

On Being Aish'd

What is the secret of Aish HaTorah's success?

Did God Speak at Sinai?

What supports the claim that God spoke to the entire Jewish people at the foot of Mount Sinai?

Moral Independence

Being a Jew demands developing the intellectual and moral courage to live by what is true, even if the whole world stands opposed.

Search for Truth

Searching for religious truth is more than a matter of faith. It requires a unique blend of genuine tolerance with cogent reasoning and intellectual honesty.

God: An Introduction

Delve into some mind-boggling concepts in this exploration of the Jewish definition of God.

Nike and the Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of existence? Let's first answer: What is the purpose of the Nike shoe factory?

The Design Argument

Does the intricate design of the universe serve as evidence for the existence of God?

Seeing the Elephant

It's natural to protect ourselves from information we perceive as threatening. But it can be a big monkey wrench in seeing the elephant and recognizing God.

Our Drive For Meaning

Meaning is one of man's greatest needs. Can life have meaning if existence is the result of a random occurrence?

Making Contact

How can we perceive the Infinite while stuck in a finite world?

Bill Bennett's Vice

Accusations of hypocrisy leveled at the author of "The Book of Virtues" teach us an important lesson about how we instill values in our children.

On the Bus with Mayor Bloomberg

Why should the mayor of New York City be the only person to ride an Israeli bus without fear?

The Value of Life

Would you be willing to murder one innocent person if it would guarantee the cure for cancer? What if that one innocent person were ninety years old?

Preparing for War

While President Bush prepares America for war against the forces of evil, with the advent of Yom Kippur Jews are preparing for an additional war against an implacable foe.

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