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Sara Yoheved Rigler

Sara Yoheved Rigler is the author of six best-sellers: Holy Woman; Lights from Jerusalem; Battle Plans: How to Fight the Yetzer Hara (with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller); G-d Winked: Tales and Lessons from My Spiritual Adventures; Heavenprints; and Emunah with Love and Chicken Soup. She gives a weekly Marriage Webinar for Jewish Workshops on a spiritual approach to marriage, with hundreds of members throughout the world. She lives in the Old City of Jerusalem. Her website is: sararigler.com.

Life After Death

Jewish perspectives on the bestseller Proof of Heaven.

The Danger in Your Head

Why negativity is dangerous for your health.

Love, Inside Out

Should Jews come first?

Are You Ready for Rosh Hashanah?

A dialogue with your higher self.

What Happened to the Jews of Arabia?

A story that should make every Jew shudder.

Small Choices, Big Outcomes

Greatness is built upon our seemingly insignificant daily choices.

Saved by a Prayer

One Jew's miraculous story.

Life's Golden Nugget

Passover & the phenomenal power of choosing to be grateful.

The Guru and the Hasid

The stranger-than-fiction true story of Swami Vijayananda.

Who Were the Maccabees?

Who are the heroes of Hanukkah?

What Do I Know?

When not knowing is true wisdom.

Life's Most Important App

Appreciating more with less.

Identifying Your Life’s Mission

This Rosh Hashanah, electrify your life with purpose.

Norway, I Cry for You

An Arab woman from Qatar taught me how to mourn the Norwegian children.


Living in a world where appearances mask reality.

Skeleton Key

Gratitude opens every door.

Passover’s Secret of Success

How to jumpstart your personal exodus.

The Jewish Prince of Persia

The Shah of Iran's descendant tells his story from Jerusalem.

The Spiritual GPS

How to replace anger and negativity with feelings of joy and love.

My Son the Doctor-Murderer

Unconditional love and the holiday of Sukkot.

I Am a Wall

The magic formula to giving others the support they need.

Why Celebrate with Bitter Herbs?

Yes, God took us out of Egypt, but He put us there in the first place!

Rebuilding Jerusalem

No matter how Mrs. Clinton may scold, the Jewish people are rebuilding Jerusalem.

Jewish Unity: The Impossible Dream?

Let's unite the Jewish people for one minute.

Eat, Pray, Love, Then What?

Why marriage matters. A Jewish response to Liz Gilbert’s new bestseller.

Escape from Flatland

How to access the spiritual dimension.

The Crime I Didn’t Commit

Change for the New Year starts here.

The Search for Amichai

A missing member of the family.


A Tisha B'Av wake-up call from Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis.

Escape from Atlit

A stunning victory of Jewish unity.

When God Moved Out

Tisha B'Av and the truth of consequences.

My Home, My History, My Heart

My house in the Old City of Jerusalem is a portal to the long chain of Jewish history.

By What Right Israel?

Holocaust consolation or Divine gift?

The Chanukah Question

Is it a Jewish value to yield or to resist?

Henny's Secret

There is no limit to how much love and compassion can emanate from one human heart.

Exodus: What's the Big Deal?

Every component of the Exodus was meant to reveal another facet of how God is involved in the world.

My Dayenu Ring

A lost diamond, a gaping black hole, and an inspiring Passover realization.

Submitting Your Annual Report

This Rosh Hashana, celebrate your spiritual accomplishments.

Battle Plans

Strategies for winning your inner struggles.

Football Victory: A Yom Kippur Story

Not all wins take place on the playing field.

Arriving At Sinai

One woman's search for her life's compass.

Stalking True Atonement

Pulling our misdeeds out by their roots.

Hidden Miracles

Purim teaches us how to find God behind the curtain of history - and in today's headlines.

Keep Your Eye on the Expert

This Rosh Hashana, become the person you wish you were.

Now You See God, Now You Don't

Unmasking the Divine on Purim.

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