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Emuna Braverman

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Emuna Braverman has a law degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters in in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. She lives with her husband and nine children in Los Angeles where they both work for Aish HaTorah. When she isn''t writing for the Internet or taking care of her family, Emuna teaches classes on Judaism, organizes gourmet kosher cooking groups and hosts many Shabbos guests. She is the cofounder of www.gourmetkoshercooking.com.

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Saying No

What to do when the person won't take no as the answer.

In An Instant

That's how long it can take for our lives to be dramatically changed.

Dear Emuna: The Non-Jewish Boyfriend

Did I go too far in telling our daughter we would not attend the wedding?

Parent-Teacher Combat

It wasn't only my daughter who was being called to the mat.

Chanukah and the Heroic Jewish Woman

Are we willing to fight for what’s right?

Amazing Creatures

All too often we ignore God's most awe-inspiring creation – other human beings.


Stop complaining and do something productive instead.

Dear Emuna: Meddling Mother

Why doesn't my daughter appreciate that all I want is for her to be happy?

Crowning Elegance

My favorite recipes from this superb cookbook.

Vitamin for Marriage

Do this once a day to strengthen your marriage.

Dear Emuna: Abusive Husband?

I love my husband but his frequent outbursts and threats are stressing me out.

Football Frenzy

Why was I fighting back the tears at a recent Patriots game?

James Marsden's Marriage Advice

What's the definition of real romance?

Dreading Parent-Teacher Conferences

How to make the encounters positive and productive.

Unfriendly Daughter-in-Law

Help! I feel like I'm losing my son.

After the High

Infusing our day-to-day life with the intensity of the High Holidays.

Our Shiva Experience

Sharing our friend's pain is more important than sharing their joy.

Dear Emuna: My Overweight Wife

Help! I no longer find my wife attractive.

Back to School Challenges

It's not only the kids who have a hard time. Anyone who carpools will totally relate.

Each Day a Masterpiece

This Yom Kippur I'll be thinking about living every moment to its fullest.

Recetas con alimentos simbólicos

Deliciosas recetas para los simanim de Rosh HaShaná.

Dear Emuna: Looking for Love

Advice for a lonely 80-year-old bachelor, a single mom who is losing her daughter, and a wife who doesn't like her husband's gifts.


The healthy response to all of life’s challenges, including Rosh Hashana.

The Marriage Quiz

Answering the following questions is a great place to start preparing for the High Holidays.

New Recipes for Rosh Hashanah

A new menu for the new year.

Why Have Children?

Is being a parent more difficult and less rewarding than expected?

The Makeup Wars

Adolescence is really about conformity, not rebellion.

Widows and Orphans

Their pain is very great and it’s too easy to forget about them.

Dear Emuna: Pesky Kids

Should I tell my friend that I think her son has a serious problem?

Courting Danger

What is the appeal of risking your life to climb a mountain?

The Soul of Marriage

What can I do today to give my spouse pleasure?

Dear Emuna: The Oblivious Husband

And the case of the burping teenager.

Caught on Camera

Everything you say is being recorded.

What's for Dinner?

Why does such a simple question inspire such dread?

Dear Emuna: Losing Faith

Struggles with faith and concerns that a neighbor is harming his children.

Summer Camp

Yes it's a luxury, but it's worth it.


Unfortunately, a good friend is a rarity.

Dear Emuna: Always Late

Aish.com's new advice column! Chronic latecomers, an over-reaching mother-in-law and naughty neighbors.

An Inconvenient Truth

Lessons from the Gores' divorce.


How to effectively deal with insults.

Motivated to Change

Two recent books had a profound affect on me.

Eli and His Little White Lie

A children's book with a penetrating lesson for us all.

Turning Our Backs on Israel

When Jews attempt to separate themselves from their brethren in order to curry favor with the outside world, we're in trouble.

It's Not Fair!

Treating kids fairly doesn’t mean treating them the same.

The Gift of Torah

Shavuot is all about appreciating.

Giving Advice

You’re only qualified to give advice when you recognize how little you really know.

Shavuot Dairy Treats

It's not about the cheesecake. But it sure does help!

Those Dirty Socks

Don't over analyze your marriage.

Woody's Non-Jewish Legacy

Guilt and complaining are not Jewish ideas.

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