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Emuna Braverman has a law degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters in in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. She lives with her husband and nine children in Los Angeles where they both work for Aish HaTorah. When she isn''t writing for the Internet or taking care of her family, Emuna teaches classes on Judaism, organizes gourmet kosher cooking groups and hosts many Shabbos guests. She is the cofounder of www.gourmetkoshercooking.com.

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The Right One

What can I do to make myself the best spouse?

From Good to Great

On being an effective leader.

Marriage and the Professional Woman

Recent studies suggest professional women are less happy in their marriage and more likely to divorce. Don't take the wrong lesson.

Eliot Spitzer's Downfall

Before we engage in schadenfreude, let's be sure our own behavior and character could withstand the scrutiny.

Call Me Mrs. Braverman

There's a lack of appropriate boundaries when 20-year-olds call 50-year-olds by their first names.

The World Upside Down

Just when you thought it can't get more perverse, a PBS series suggests moral equivalence between the Nazis and the Allies.

Frankenstein Redux

Parents shouldn't be surprised that they have created a monster.

No Interruptions

Can you have a conversation without interrupting?

Marriage Dances

A common marriage dance is a two-step called "attack-withdrawal." One wants expressions of love and asks for it the wrong way; the other feels threatened and retreats.

Family Gathering

A young couple's pressure to conform to family expectations, with no regard for their needs.

Let My People Go -- Where?

Physical freedom is not enough. Passover provides the opportunity of freedom with purpose.

Standing with Israel

Roz Rothstein wants you to stand up and defend the Jewish people.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

In three different and delicious forms.

Up, Up and Away

A totally awesome experience.

The Joys (?) of Passover Cleaning

It is possible not only to enjoy Passover cleaning, but to find it to be the most meaningful aspect of holiday preparation.

Shopping as Therapy

Like binge eating, it may feel good for the moment but the after-effects are devastating.

California Kosher

Balabustas throughout the Jewish world - unite!

President Bush's Speech

This is not a political blog, but in a world that so uniformly condemns us, we need to be grateful for our few friends.

Stop Whining

And start living.

The Bonds of Love

In parenting, the most powerful tool we have is love.

Going to Bed Angry

Don't listen to your grandmother's advice.

The Good Wife

Am I on my way to becoming a Stepford Wife?

Communication - the Key to a Good Marriage

Effective communication means verbalizing needs and listening carefully.

Cleaning for Passover

I am not a glutton for punishment, but I love it!

Total Mayhem

It is complete chaos in my house -- and it's the most wonderful thing in the world.

The Peaceful Fight

Go to bed angry ... fight with your spouse ... This advice might seem like a strange way to attain peace in the home, but it works.


If we don't take ay risks, we won't fail. But we won't accomplish either.

You've Got a Friend

How to buy friends.

Our Purim Legacy

Each of us is writing our own personal megillah story.

Teaching Boys and Girls Separately

Separate education plays to each gender's strength.

The Thin Bride

Since when did being thin become the end goal of the wedding day?

Turning 50

Who are we kidding? 50 is not the new 40.

A Life of Errands

Can a life consumed by doing errands be very meaningful?

Believe in Your Kids

Despite any disability, we have the choice to lift our children up or bring them down.

Women and Criticism

Women thrive on unqualified support and love. Criticism is counterproductive.

Accepting Your Spouse

Part of the challenge of marriage is the constant need to remind ourselves why we married our partner in the first place.

Marrying Off Daughters

I can now empathize with Jane Austen's Mrs. Bennet.

Five Modern Myths of Marriage

Romance, happiness and other marital misconceptions.

Mom to the Rescue!

The cavalry does not belong in the classroom.


The danger behind the charm.

Shielding Our Children

Are we helping our children by protecting them from all of life's difficulties?

The Restorative Power of Kindness

We read inspirational books to reassure ourselves that kind and caring people still exist. Yet, so easily, we could be one of them.

Cooking Says I Love You

If food isn't love, then what am I doing in the kitchen?

Imbuing Real Self-Esteem

Our kids are too smart to fall for counterfeit praise.

The Frustrated Parent

"I give so much and this is what I get back?!"

Shavuot Recipes

No cheesecake -- just some really good dairy recipes.

My Neighbor's Car

Someone else always has something we want.

Boundaries for Teens

Disagree with principal? Don't undermine your child's respect for authority.

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