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Rebbetzin Feige Twerski

Rebbetzin Feige RespondsRebbetzin Feige Twerski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has devoted her life to Jewish education and Outreach, giving lectures worldwide on a myriad of Judaic subjects. She is a mother of 11 children, and many grandchildren whose number she refuses to divulge. She serves as the Rebbetzin along side her husband, Rabbi Michel Twerski, of Congregation Beth Jehudah of Milwaukee.

Rebbetzin Twerski recently published her book, Rebbetzin Feige Responds: A popular and insightful counselor deals with real-life situations.

Terminal Life

There is no greater source of pain than the imminent loss of a loved one.

The Art of Giving and Taking Criticism

When your relatives offer unwelcome child-rearing advice, what's the best response?

Children of Divorce

When teenage step-children react with hostility, they are expressing deep pain.

Women and the Workplace

Women are blessed with the special talents to create positive environments wherever we are and with whatever we are doing.

The Internet and Intimacy

A husband is having an e-mail relationship with a woman he has never met and who lives oceans away. Is he "cheating" on his wife?

The Trouble with In-Laws

The young wife wants to please yet do things her way. The young husband remembers the way his mother did things -- perfectly. The mother hates to let go. This is a combination that spells disaster.

Apathy and Indifference

In the month of Cheshvan, there is only silence. This lack of communication between God and his children warrants the addition of the word "bitter" to the month of Cheshvan.

Letting Go

When others have harmed our lives, it is easy to adopt an attitude of blame. We need to realize that the ultimate solution must come from inside of ourselves.

The Joys of A Large Family

"Didn't you ever hear of birth control?" There was no malice in her question. She simply couldn't understand the value of having a large family.

Infidelity and Forgiveness

A woman came to me in deep despair, asking a very difficult question: "My husband had an affair with another woman. How can I ever forgive him and trust again?"

Counting Every Moment

Every moment of life is a gift, but too many of us are bogged down by what was or what will be and fail to keep the present in focus.

Where is Home?

Home has nothing to do with bricks and mortar and furnishings; it has everything to do with the spirit which fills it.

A Woman For All Seasons

When the focus changes from self-growth to diapers and dishes, a woman's relationship with God is bound to need some adjusting.

Coping With What's Eating You

When dealing with pain, there's no time to wait: addressing problems at their inception averts much heartache.

Mother Sara and Mrs. Cash

She is a 94-year-old woman who comes to shul dressed like a queen; she is always regal, exuding a special light, as she smiles at all she encounters.

Life on a Mountaintop

Intimacy is a magical God-given energy, with the potential for abuse, as one young wife painfully found out.

Judaism and Vegetarianism

Where's the beef? Examining the pros and cons.

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