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Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt

Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt is Director of the Rabbinical Training Academy, an innovative programme that mentors newly qualified rabbis through the first eighteen months of their first jobs. He is also the author of Why Bad Things DON'T Happen to Good People, a semi auto-biographical book about understanding and facing challenging times.

Marriage after Widowhood

When my wife died, I was certain I'd never find complete happiness again. Like Sheryl Sandberg, I was wrong.

What’s Your Addiction?

This Passover, I’m experiencing seven days of freedom from my taskmaster. I’m putting my smartphone in my drawer for the entire week.

The World Cup Is Not Coming Home and I'm Not Disappointed

And the reason why illuminates an important Jewish principle.

All for the Best?

When my late wife was first diagnosed with cancer I found it difficult to believe that everything God does is for the best.

Rav Noah’s Gifts

Hardly a day passes that I don’t crave his wise advice and loving care.

London Burning

What does it take to realize that the world is my responsibility?

Leap of Faith?

Why did the Jews at Sinai accept the Torah before understanding everything in it?

Here and Now

In this week's portion, God tells Moses to ascend Mount Nevo where he is to die "in the...

The Choice of LIfe

As a native of Liverpool, I sometimes like to quote the Beatles. Do you remember their song,...

For Goodness Sake

In this week's portion, as the Jewish people are getting ready to enter the Land of Israel, God...

Human Life

In this week's portion, we are commanded to help someone load and unload their animal if they are...

Jewish Environmentalism

God has made us partners in His universe.

Feats of Amazement

A man turns up in London claiming to be a prophet. He does some groovy stuff: levitates, revives...

Loving Father

Why God is referred to as our father, not our grandfather.

The Joy of Now

Don't let the pursuit of a better life be an excuse for not living that better life right now.

All in the Timing

The Sages tell us that Moses did not rebuke the Jewish people until right before he died. They...

Right On

Moses is interested in truth, not in being right.

Peace Talks

In this week's Torah portion, Moses' brother Aaron dies. The Torah tells us that the Jewish people...

Great Choices

Korach is a classic example of a person with great potential, who made wrong decisions. The Sages...

Yom Kippur: A Day of Reconciliation

Stop the blaming and start taking responsibility for your relationships.

Self Projections

Limitations in life are so often of our own creation.

Why Complain?

Expect perfection and life will always disappoint you.

Personal Peace

How to attain inner harmony.

Attaining Wisdom

Why the Torah was given in the desert.

The Right Choice

This week's portion speaks of the good that will befall the Jewish people if they live up to being...

The Jewish Example

In this week's portion, we find the commandment to sanctify God's name - Kiddush Hashem. In...

The Power of Love

Perhaps the most famous commandment in the Torah appears in this week's portion: "Love your...

The Good World

This week's portion talks of the consequences of negative speech about others, known as lashon...

Rosh Hashanah Dreaming

God is offering another year of life. What are we going to do with it?

Pavlovians No More

In this week's parsha, Aaron's sons, Nadav and Avihu, committed a lethal mistake. The exact nature...

The Power of Imperfection

In the times of the Holy Temple, the chatat was an offering brought when a person inadvertently...

Shaken From the Dream

One of the offerings mentioned in this week's portion is the chatat, which is brought when a...

Truth and Love

Rabbi Weinberg wanted leaders, not followers.

Wisdom of the Heart

In the last few Torah portions, we find Moses requesting those who are "wise of heart"...

I Was Wrong

Life is far too short for us to try to prove that we are right all the time.

Quick 'n Easy

The story of the Golden Calf is one of the most incredibly honest stories told by any religion....

The Independent Flame

When lighting the menorah in the Tabernacle, Aaron the High Priest is commanded to "raise the...

In the Synagogue

The command to build the tabernacle (the precursor to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem) is given in a...

The Moral Challenge

A quick look at the Torah’s incredible and ancient moral sophistication.

Knowledge vs. Faith

The mitzvah to know there is a God.

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady growth is what wins the educational race.

The Big Minute

Even the flimsiest excuse is enough for us to doubt God.

Your Busy Life

Pharaoh understood how to control the masses: keep them mindlessly working.

Showing You Care

In this week's parsha, Moses is saved by Pharaoh's daughter, Batya. She risks her life to bring a...

Repairing the World

Why don’t we know the date of the Messiah’s arrival?

Critical Love

Those who love us the most are also the ones who usually criticize us the most.

Staring Reality in the Face

During the entire time that the brothers met with Joseph in Egypt, they were completely unable to...

Caring in the Dungeon

Getting out of our self-absorption.

The Idol Within

Beware of the traps of arrogance.

The Morality Business

Why didn’t Jacob just mind his own business?

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