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Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt

Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt is Director of the Rabbinical Training Academy, an innovative programme that mentors newly qualified rabbis through the first eighteen months of their first jobs. He is also the author of Why Bad Things DON'T Happen to Good People, a semi auto-biographical book about understanding and facing challenging times.

Beyond Mediocrity

In this week's Torah portion, we see that while Esau is a man of violent nature, Jacob is very...

A Good Cry

In this week's Torah portion, when Abraham heard that his wife had passed away, he came to...

The Pleasure of Giving

You are traveling in the desert with two friends. It's a boiling hot day. You see some tents in...

Inner Truth

This week's Torah portion introduces us to Abraham, the first Jew. Until now, the Torah's messages...

The Yes Man

No one in the entire Torah is introduced with such glowing accolades as is Noah. He is a "man...

Bad Things Don't Happen

Finding light in the darkness.

Very Good

On each day of creation, God looked at his world and said that it is "good." On the...

Direct Line

The Torah does not tell us where Moses is buried. A number of explanations are offered for this,...

Staying Afloat

This week's portion says that the Jewish people "became fat and kicked out" - i.e....

The Jewish Meritocracy

In this week's portion, Moses passes the mantle of leadership to Joshua. It's a shame that Korach...

Seeing the Reality

In this portion, Moses makes an amazing statement: "And now, Israel, what does God ask from...

Spiritual Entropy

Rosh Hashanah is a time to wake up to life.

World Without Consequences

Consequences make life worth living.

Sidestepping Your Desires

Dealing wisely with unwanted desires.

The Greatness of Humility

Why humility is the key to charisma and effective leadership.

Giving It Away

The true pleasure of money is the opportunity to use it to help others.

Do Not Covet

Everyone knows that one of the Ten Commandments is "Do not covet" (Deut. 5:18). However,...

Something To Cry About

Understanding the roots of Tisha B’Av.

Credibility and Respect

In this week's Torah portion, Moses speaks about the laws of inheritance vis-a-vis the future...

The Jewish Home

The strength of the Jewish people lies in their homes.

Moses' Mistake

Even great people make mistakes.

All In the Same Boat

In praying to God on behalf of the Jewish people, Moses asks how it can be that one man (Korach)...

The See-Food Diet

I remember many years ago, as a little boy, watching our dog, Krishna, as he wolfed down his...

Creating Independence

The Jewish objective in education.

The Spiritual Fence

We need to protect our spiritual wealth.

An Only Child

I once had a guest for Shabbat who had 18 brothers and sisters. Nowadays, with my wife coming from...

Walking the Walk

Judaism is about moving forward at a slow and steady pace.

Listen To The Land

Life is too precious and too fleeting to waste on pettiness.

Shabbat Reality

Why we rest on Shabbat.

Hurting in Your Heart

Unexpressed animosity does not go away.

Holy Desires

This week's portion presents an interesting combination of themes: the service in the Temple on...

Cutting to the Core

Parshat Metzora describes the consequences of negative speech, loshon hara. "Sticks and...

Murderous Speech

Is speaking negatively about others possibly worse than killing them?

Life Control

Food plays a major role in Jewish life. Imagine a wedding or bar mitzvah without food. It would be...

True Value

One of the commandments in this week's Torah portion is to remove the ashes from the Altar....

Waking Up

One of the offerings on display in this week's portion is a "transgression offering," or...

Honoring Money

At this time of year, we read a special Torah potion (for the Maftir reading) called Parshat...

Why Do It?

This week's Torah portion begins with a few verses about Shabbat, and then the entire remainder...

Communal Influence

The transgression of the Golden Calf is probably the single greatest mistake in Jewish history....

Looking Good

In the Holy Temple, the clothes worn by the kohanim (priests) were a simple affair - robe, pants,...

The Charity Solution

A poor man once came to my house, and my first wife (a"h) answered the door. She was very...

Doctor of Doctors

The Torah lists five categories of damages that one pays for personal injury, and one of these is...

Being, Being, Being

Why Shabbat is so central to Jewish life.

Emotional Slaves

The Egyptian army that chased the Jewish people was a pale shadow of the formidable juggernaut...

Let My People Go

Freedom must include a meaningful purpose.

Stop the Craziness

It is quite unbelievable that Pharaoh can fail to learn over and over again. Every time, at the...

Immediate Goodness

In this week's parsha, Moses flees to Midian, where two sons are born to him and Tzipporah. But...

Out Into The World

The message of this week's Torah portion is immediately evident from its name -- vayetzei,...

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