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Richard Rabkin

Richard Rabkin is the President and CEO of Jewlarious

Superman vs. the Nazis: How Comics Influenced American Public Opinion

According to Gerald Hartman, Jewish American artists used their comic books to urge America to join World War II to save their brethren in Europe.

Lebanon Remakes All Spielberg Movies

Saving Private Ryan now becomes Killing Private Ryan

World Dreidel Tour

Bringing the light of Chanukah to the world.

Dunkirk: We Are Still Fighting on the Beaches

77 Years on, the message of Dunkirk still resonates today.

13 Reasons Why I Love Israel

In Israel, taxi drivers are more religious than anyone you know outside of Israel. Anyone.

My Torah Mentor, Jiro the Japanese Sushi Master

I just read the Torah in shul for the first time, thanks to an old Japanese sushi master named Jiro Ono.

Why My Mother is Moving to Israel

Especially now, during such trying times, my mother wants to make the statement: I am with you.

My Cousin in Gaza

Married one month ago, my 20-year-old cousin is risking his life for Israel and the Jewish people.

15 Things About Israel that Make Me Smile

On my recent trip to Israel I came across some things that made me smile. Come look at my pictures!

All One Family

Visiting Israel this week, I’ve never felt more a part of Am Yisrael.

The Sights and Sounds of Kosherfest

A picture perfect tour of the recent kosher food trade show at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

I Can Do That

After a tragic accident that left him paralyzed, Rabbi Yehuda Simes inspires others to tackle life’s challenges.

The One-Week No Cell Phone Challenge

Could you survive an entire week without your cell phone? One man survives to tell the tale.

The Baker's Tale

The remarkable story of a Jewish boy in the Holocaust and the non-Jewish family that saved him.

Arab Spring and Israeli Summer

Israel is showing the world how it’s done once again. This time, it’s how to protest.

Seoul Man

I have a message for my Korean exchange student, 20 years in the making.


Jacob Medjuck’s new film has won 7 out of the 9 film festivals it has entered. PIXAR is a fan. But you won’t be able to see it if the big movie studios get their way.

Not Your Typical Nice Jewish Boy

Robert Cait went from Professional Wrestling to Standup Comedy. Not your typical nice Jewish boy.

Funny Business

Nothing says "funny" like a Harvard MBA.

A Good Friend

Ari Teman: web guru, social activist and comedian.

Schlock Rock Rocks

Making a livelihood in Jewish music hasn't been easy, but Lenny Solomon has loved every minute of it.

House Alter Ego

An interview with David Shore, the creator, writer and executive producer of the award winning medical drama House.

The Mensch from Manhattan

Comedian Robert Klein is a nice guy in a tough business.

The Sadness behind the Laughter

Comedian Shecky Green's life hasn't been all laughs.

Stand Up and Sit Down

My first brush with stand up comedy was no laughing matter.

Laughing for Peace

The Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour isn't trying to solve the crisis in the Middle East, although it would be funny if they did.

Masquerade Mania

Mr. Dress-up like you've never seen him.

British, Jewish and Proud

British comedian Josh Howie talks about being Jewish in his act, even in a country that is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic.

The First Jewish Grammy

David McLees has accomplished many things in the music industry, but he is most proud of his "Jewish Grammy."

Lost in Translation

A business trip to French speaking Montreal taught me a lesson in Jewish unity.

Funny Business

Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada is serious about changing the world, one laugh at a time.

Was Elvis Presley Jewish?

Orthodox Elvis impersonator Dan Hartal a.k.a. "Schmelvis" thinks so.

The Matisyahu of Stand Up Comedy

For Yisrael Campbell, the journey from Catholicism to Judaism is a real laugh.

The Dating Guy: The Wedding Day (3 of 3)

A play-by-play description of the happiest day of my life.

The Dating Guy: Popping the Question (2 of 3)

After searching for my soul mate for so long, there was only one thing that I could do when I found her: propose. Not as easy as it sounds.

Marc the Explorer

A stand-up comedian's brush with tragedy teaches him that laughter helps keep you connected to spirituality.

This Rabbi Can Rock

Shmuel Skaist drinks beer and thinks of himself as a rock star. He also has six kids and is a rabbi. He sees no contradiction between the two.

The Dating Guy: My Last Blind Date (1 of 3)

It's hard keeping your spirits up while going through the seemingly never-ending journey of dating. But don't panic - your soul mate is out there.

Jackie Mason: King of Jewish Comedy

An exclusive Jewlarious interview with a comedian who is truly Jewlarious.

He Knows if You've Been Naughty or Nice

Mind reader Marc Salem knows what you're thinking. Be very careful.

The Daily Show with Rob Kutner

An interview with the four-time Emmy Award winning comedy writer.

The Hip-Hop Hebrew

Jewish comedian Eric Schwartz thinks that rap music is strictly Kosher.

The Outsider

Ophira Eisenberg is a little bit of an outsider. But that's what makes her funny.

A Stand Up Jew

Comedian Steve Mittleman has performed for just about everyone. But his favorite thing to do is to make Jewish people laugh.

Me, Dave Chappelle and My Yarmulke

Comedian Dave Chappelle taught me an important lesson about being Jewish.

Comedy is Calling

Modi is a comedian who is proud to be Jewish. He wants you to be proud about it too.

Laughter and Tears

A stand up comedian grapples with laughter during trying times.

God's Comedian

Mark Schiff thinks that G-d is funny. G-d probably thinks Mark Schiff is funny too -- most people do.

The Kippah Debate

Wearing a yarmulke is no easy decision. It signifies to the world – and to its wearer – that it sits on top of a committed Jew.

Cheeseburger Island

Facing a challenge is a noble endeavor. Putting yourself in a dangerous situation may be stupid.

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