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Mrs. Lori Palatnik

Lori Palatnik is a writer and Jewish educator who has appeared on television and radio. She is the Founding Director of The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project, an international initiative that brings thousands of women to Israel each year from 18 different countries on highly subsidized programs to inspire them with the beauty and wisdom of their heritage (www.jwrp.org). She is a much sought-after international speaker, having lectured in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Central America, South America, South Africa and Israel, including featured talks at Yale, Brown and Penn. She lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, Rabbi Yaakov Palatnik, and is the busy mother of five children, ages 25 to 15.

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Wise Guy

Who needs a rabbi? We all do.

Learning from Mistakes

A wise person learns from other people's mistakes.

It Starts with You

Don't become religious for someone else.

Honoring Parents

Honoring parents is one of the hardest commandments in the Torah. Must you do everything they say? What if you disagree with them?

Make It Personal

You don't have to be personally affected in order to fight for a cause.

First Comes Love?

Real love grows after marriage.

Make Time for God

And He'll make time for you.

Summer Break

Don't take a holiday from God.

Should We Have More Kids?

Making a decision you won't regret.

Rabbi Akiva's Inspiration

How Aish HaTorah got its name.

At the Holocaust Museum

What can we do to strengthen the Jewish people.

Finding Money

Ask God, anytime, in any language.

Creating Memories

How you react shapes your kids memories forever.

Kelly O'Neil

You never know where and when Elijah the Prophet will show up.

Passover Priorities

Passover is not spring cleaning.

Partnership Or Merger?

Marriage isn't a 50-50 proposition.

The Thank You People

Where does the word "Jewish" come from?

A Kidney to Give

Why I donated my kidney to someone I didn't know.

The Worth of a Man

Three ways to know if this is the right guy..


Donating a kidney taught me the importance of appreciating your good health.

Nasty or Nice?

Winning our kids over with love.

Politics, Shmolitics

Should I become an American?

Men, Sports & Synagogue

Judaism is not a spectator sport.

Attractive Vs. Attracting

Making sure you get the right kind of attention.

Living in the Present

Where are you living: In the past, present or future?


My adventures in central vacuuming.

Meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Remember what the celebration is really about.

Happy Birthday

Who should get the present?

The Guy I Met on the Plane

Three actions every Jew should do to make the home Jewish.

The Burning Bush

God only gives you the things you can handle.

Your Tough Assignment

Fulfill another person's needs without anyone ever knowing.

The Irony of Chanukah

Remembering the message of Chanukah

Celebrity Fascination

Why do people care about Paris Hilton?

Loose Lips

Make confidentiality your default button.

Fear Factor

When you forget your wife's birthday...

Gossip: Fact or Fiction?

It's wrong even if it's true.

Downplay It

You know and God knows, and no one else needs to know what you did.

It's None of Your Business

Lying to protect your privacy.

Free Criticism!

Don't you love it when people tell you you're making a mistake?

Reward & Punishment

In this world, God is sending us messages.

Why Do You Want It?

A secret to effective prayer.

What Do You Really Need?

Sukkot gets us back to basics.

Journey to the Next World

What happens when you die? How can your way of life affect the eternal reality?

Look What I Did

Sukkot reminds us that it's all from God.

Here Comes the Judge

If it's our Day of Judgment, why are we so happy?

The Guiding Hand

There are no coincidences in life -- everything that happens is from God, Who interacts intimately with His creation.

Gearing Up for Rosh Hashana

It's the time to fall in love with God again.

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