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Mrs. Lori Palatnik

Lori Palatnik is a writer and Jewish educator who has appeared on television and radio. She is the Founding Director of The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project, an international initiative that brings thousands of women to Israel each year from 18 different countries on highly subsidized programs to inspire them with the beauty and wisdom of their heritage (www.jwrp.org). She is a much sought-after international speaker, having lectured in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Central America, South America, South Africa and Israel, including featured talks at Yale, Brown and Penn. She lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, Rabbi Yaakov Palatnik, and is the busy mother of five children, ages 25 to 15.

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Jewish Idealism

A key difference between living in Israel and the United States.

Love Giving

Does love lead to giving, or does giving lead to love?

Don't Call Home!

What happened to sending away your kids to camp?

Time to Let Go

There's more to life than your relationship with your kids.

Candlelighting - Inspiration

Personal accounts of the power and beauty of Shabbat candles.

Shabbat Afternoon and Third Meal

For many, the last part of Shabbat is the more spiritually fulfilling.

Preparing for Shabbat

Personal reflections on preparing ahead -- so that it all comes together.

Grace After Meals - Text

Text of the Grace After Meals

The Three A's of Marriage

Attention, affection and appreciation. It's not rocket science.

Shabbat Checklist and Basic Laws

Your handy guide to prepare and organize for a spectacular Shabbat.

Melaveh Malkah

Saturday night? Time for one more Shabbat party!

Laws of Shabbat for Beginners

What, how, why and where do all these laws come from?

Grace After Meals - Overview

No feast would be complete without thanking the One Above.

Shabbat Morning Kiddush and Meal

After morning services, a time for stories and song.

Jewish Convert to Islam

Why couldn't she find what she was looking for in Judaism?

Havdalah - How To

What is Havdalah? Wines, spices and candle. Easy as 1-2-3.

Shabbat in One Hour (Or So)

How to whip up a yummy, nutritious Shabbat in no time flat.

Shabbat Morning Shul

A weekly highlight of spiritual inspiration and communal gathering.

Devar Torah - Words of Torah

Elevate your Shabbat table talk to another dimension.

A Practical Guide to Paying A Shiva Call

A one-page primer on how to comfort a mourner.

Classic Menus

Quick overview of all the food you'll need for an awesome Shabbat.

What Do You Really Need?

Sukkot gets us back to basics.

Ha-motzi Blessing for Bread

The steaming fresh challahs await.

Washing for Bread

The symbolism and how-to of pouring water before the meal.

Shavuot: Standing at Sinai

Transcending the pettiness that divides us.

Shabbat Songs Inspiration

Understanding the mystical attraction of song.


What is so abhorrent about the pig?

Where's the Respect?

Why kids should not call adults by their first names.

Friday Night Kiddush: How To

Whether grape juice or wine, you'll want to savor the moment.

Mother's Day

What I learned from my mother: A personal appreciation.

Blessing the Children

A magic, eternal moment of connection for parents and children.

The Magic of Havdalah

Shabbat comes to a close in a most dramatic and touching way.

Dad's Chair

Have we forgotten what it means to give honor?

Eishet Chayil

A special Shabbat song in honor of the Jewish woman.

The Non-Jewish World of Disney

A Jewish princess does not wait for her prince.


What makes you lose your cool? Is it really worth it?

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