About the Author

Cliff Alsberg

Cliff Alsberg is a Hollywood screenwriter/producer.

Cliff's Ten Golden Rules

A Hollywood screenwriter lays out his checklist of "non-negotiables" for the serious dater.

Pro Sports in the Terrorist World

America's favorite pastime may never be the same again. What's even worse, it may always stay the same.

Superbowl Lessons

This year, the Superbowl taught the world a great Jewish lesson -- that destiny can rest in the hands of one person.

The Pokeman Craze

Pokemon cards will soon be as passé as Cabbage Patch Kids but Jewish values are like a strand of pearls: classy, precious and timeless.

What Am I Doing Here?

It's a question that many of us, unfortunately, ask ourselves about our working environments each and every day.

Leadership and Corporate America

The corporate environment is always changing. Here's my checklist of the ten most desired leadership traits I learned in the U.S. Army.


Everyone (well, mostly guys) with any kind of money eventually succumbs to a beautiful car.

Making It In Hollywood

What happens when a successful television executive realizes that he is responsible for the content millions of people would end up watching?

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