About the Author

Richard Greenberg

Richard Greenberg, a freelance journalist in the Washington, D.C., area is the author of the book "Pathways: Jews Who Return," published by Jason Aronson Inc. The book is a collection of inspirational stories told by once-assimilated Jews who have rediscovered their spiritual roots. Mr. Greenberg is available to discuss his book at RickG613@aol.com or 301-649-0846.

Olympics and Kavanah

Eons before anybody ever heard of Marion Jones or Tiger Woods, Judaism recognized the importance of mental focus. In the case of Judaism, however, the stakes are weightier than any gold medal.

Judaism and the Human Genome Project

Now that we have the "genetic operating manual" for homo sapiens, where will it take us?

The Art of Tzedakah

Judaism has developed a game plan for giving that is part artform, part science and all good sense.

Gossip in the Workplace

If not for recycled rumors, catty appraisals, backhanded compliments and sarcastic asides, how would we ever make interesting conversation?

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