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Jonathan Rosenblum

Jonathan Rosenblum is a columnist for the Jerusalem Post and Israeli director of Am Echad.

Gift of Life: Lifesaving Quest to Harvest Plasma of COVID-19 Survivors

Two observant Jews pool their efforts to bring antibody-rich, potentially lifesaving convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients to others in desperate need.

What I Learned from Rabbi Noah Weinberg

How writing his biography and immersing myself in the life of Rabbi Weinberg changed my life.

Eric Most’s Quiet Greatness

A tribute to one of Aish HaTorah’s most inspirational members who passed away last week.

Pushing Death

Society’s emphasis on the quality of life society is perverting our most basic moral intuitions.

Ariel's Checklist Could Save Lives

After the tragic death of their son, Mark and Ellen Newman are doing everything possible to ensure no other parents suffer what they have.

God's Calling Card

Sometimes receiving a sign that God is orchestrating events can transform one’s life.

Yair Netanyahu & His Non-Jewish Girlfriend

Why would anyone care if he’s dating a Gentile?

Rav Noah’s Torah

Rabbi Noah Weinberg connected to the Torah as “wisdom for living.”

Zev Wolfson: One of a Kind

One of the greatest Jewish philanthropists made sure to stay under the radar. What was behind his relentless drive?

A Torah Scroll for Rav Noah

A fitting tribute to Rabbi Weinberg’s extraordinary legacy.

Seeking My Brothers

We can strengthen Jewish unity by truly loving our fellow Jew.

To Be Holy in Our Land

After returning to Israel, why continue to mourn the destruction of the Temple?

Democracy in the Arab World

Natan Sharansky, Bernard Lewis and their differing views on the chances for democracy in the Middle East.

Changing the World

Remembering Rabbi Noah Weinberg on his second yahrtzeit.

The Still Lethal Obsession

Is the threat of radical Islam overstated?

Is Criminalizing Holocaust Denial Wise?

Such statutes create a dangerous precedent to outlaw other discussions as beyond the pale.

Israeli Security and a Palestinian State

A comprehensive overview of Israel's critical security needs for a viable peace.

The Burka Ban and Us

How should Jews react to the French ban on the public wearing of the burka?

Jewish Failure?

Beinhart's indictment of today's Israel is a cartoonish pastiche, lacking the context of recent history.


Tiger Woods and the choices we make.

The Christmas Tree

A Jewish family comes home to discover their house festooned with holiday lights.

The Israel Lobby: Missing in Action

For Israeli Jews survival remains the primary desideratum. For American Jews the simulacrum of peace in the form of a treaty is primary.

Saving Mr. Golubchuk

This was no replay of the infamous Terry Schiavo case. Everyone knew the patient wanted to live. Yet the hospital viewed those wishes as irrelevant.


For once, the good guys win.

Your Mission for the Coming New Year

There can be no greater joy than successfully answering the question, "Who are you?"

Not a Doctor's Decision

An assault on the concept of the sanctity of life.

Charlie Darwin's Angels

Who says the theory of evolution is scientific?

Free Will and its Deniers

Free choice is humanity's "greatest gift," a gift that itself makes life worth living.

Bucking World Opinion

International Law is not a suicide pact.

The Anti-Israel Monopoly in the UK

In Britain, it is open season on both Israel and the Jews.

What To Do about Sderot?

An intolerable, intractable situation.

Hostile to Israel

Jewish intellectuals -- then and now.

Israel's Greatest Internal Threat

The urgent need to renew Israel's national purpose.

A Time to Hate

Would we really wish to live in a society in which no one gets angry when children are slaughtered?

England's Cognitive Dissonance

Britons have finally awakened to the fact that they have a serious problem in their midst.

Young American Jews & Israel

What Jews under 35 feel towards Israel goes beyond apathy to outright resentment.

The Fire Now

Barbarians at the gates of Paris.

London Calling

Europeans are not about to start singing, "We are all Israelis now," any time soon.

Impact of Entebbe

The day of the American Bicentennial was a crucial awakening for me as a Jew.

Caught in the Backlash?

As strains of Islam arouse suspicion worldwide, there may be ramifications for the Jewish community too.

On Demographics

Each year an estimated 50,000 or more potential Jewish lives are aborted in Israel.

Impostors in Hassidic Garb

These insane Jews embraced the disciples and followers of their ancestors' murderers and have been spit out by the Torah world.

The Significance of the Spanish Elections

Another unfortunate example of classical appeasement.

Overcoming the Separation

Identification with the suffering of our fellow Jews is not automatic. It requires work.

Shiva Works

The shiva for my father centered on the joy of his life, not his death.

Mikey's Song

Mikey's story is not one of terrible suffering, but of faith and triumph.

Shaking Hands with the Opposite Gender

The ethicist of the NY Times gets it wrong.

UK Anti- Semitism

The openly expressed loathing for Israel and Jews among a large swath of Britain's elites is cause for concern.

Shai's Big Hit

There are special moments in life when we touch God's perfection. Here's one of them.

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