About the Author

Jonathan Rosenblum

Jonathan Rosenblum is a columnist for the Jerusalem Post and Israeli director of Am Echad.

Get Me To The Church On Time

Choosing to marry someone who shares the defining values of your life is not racist.

Hebrew School Daze

Are Jewish day schools undemocratic?

We Have Lost A Father

The Jewish world lost one of its greatest leaders, Rabbi Shach, whose concern encompassed every Jew.

The Day the World Changed

Our situation has rarely looked so desperate.

Lessons From the Taliban

The Taliban's wrecking of the Bamiyan Buddhas stems from the same hatred directed at Israel. So where's the public outcry over the destruction taking place on the Temple Mount?

No Strike at Laniado

A unique Israeli hospital, founded on Jewish principles of kindness, has earned a reputation for the finest in patient care.

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