About the Author

Rabbi Tovia Singer

Rabbi Tovia Singer is the national director of Outreach Judaism, an international organization dedicated to countering the efforts of Christian groups and cults who specifically target Jews for conversion. He is the author of the "Let's Get Biblical" tape series and Study Guide, numerous articles, and is a frequent guest on television and radio shows. For further information, please contact: Outreach Judaism, P.O. Box 789, Monsey, New York 10952; (914) 356-1915; or www.outreachjudaism.org

Evangelizing the Jews: The New Techniques

Having failed in the past, some fundamentalist Christians are armed with a new arsenal of deceptive techniques to convert Jews.

Evangelizing the Jews, Part 2: Who is Most Vulnerable?

Jews who are lonely and know least about Judaism are the most susceptible to Christian missionaries. That's why college kids and the elderly are their prime targets.

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