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Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem

Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir is Research Director at the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem (www.besr.org). He studied at Harvard, received a PhD in Economics from MIT, and rabbinic ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. Prior to moving to Israel, he worked at the Council of Economic Advisers in the Reagan administration. Rabbi Dr. Meir is also a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Jerusalem College of Technology and has published several articles on business, economics and Jewish law. He is the author of the two-volume, "Meaning in Mitzvot (Feldheim), and his Aish.com columns form the basis of the "Jewish Ethicist" book (ktav.com).

The Jewish Ethicist: Refugee Redux

Is there a responsibility to provide care to illegal immigrants?

The Jewish Ethicist: No-Shop Day(s)

Shabbat serves as a weekly reminder that we don't live to work, we work to live.

The Jewish Ethicist: Corporate Menschkeit

When do we cross the line from good corporate citizenship to irresponsible management?

The Jewish Ethicist: 360-Degree Feedback

The pitfalls of work evaluations from colleagues and subordinates.

The Jewish Ethicist: Beggars' Letters

Relying on letters of recommendations to determine who is truly needy.

The Jewish Ethicist: Ethical Work

Judaism does not view work as the center of life or as its primary source of meaning.

The Jewish Ethicist: Charitable Return

Can a gift to charity ever substitute for paying what we owe?

The Jewish Ethicist: Leading by Example

Does favoring local labor discriminate against the truly needy?

The Jewish Ethicist: Undercharge Undercurrent

Do I need to report an undercharge if it will indict the cashier?

The Jewish Ethicist: Blind Stealing

Do I need to tell a storeowner that his assistant is stealing?

The Jewish Ethicist: Confidential Ex-Con II

Should I tell a business owner that a job applicant has a criminal record?

The Jewish Ethicist: Confidential Ex-Con, Part 1

Should I tell a business owner that a job applicant has a criminal record?

Defect Disclosure

When do I have to let customers know about defects?

The Jewish Ethicist: Revoloving Door

Should public servants go to work for the very businesses they policed?

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