About the Author

David Klinghoffer

David Klinghoffer’s new book is “Why the Jews Rejected Jesus: The Turning Point in Western History” (Doubleday). His website is www.davidklinghoffer.com.

The Alphabet of Life

DNA is one of the most powerful clues we have of the existence of a spiritual reality.

The Branding of a Heretic

Are religious scientists unwelcome at the Smithsonian?

Beyond Miracles

Judaism as a rational religion.

Abraham's Iraq Lesson

Jewish tradition holds that even a corrupt culture can be reshaped.

Inside Hebron: A Personal Encounter

This city that feels like an entrance to Hell is said to be the point where Earth is united with Heaven.

Our Christian Friends

Being a friend to another person or to a group of people is different from using them, however amiably.

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