About the Author

Michael Freund

The writer served as deputy communications director in the Prime Minister’s Office under former premier Binyamin Netanyahu. He is the founder and Chairman of Shavei Israel (www.shavei.org), a Jerusalem-based group that facilitates the return of the Bnei Menashe and other “lost Jews” to the Jewish people.

The Hassidic Rebbe who Pioneered Moving to Israel

All Jews can learn an important lesson from Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk.

Why is France Labeling Jews Again?

France’s decision to label products from Jewish-owned businesses in the Golan, Judea and Samaria smacks of anti-Semitic bigotry.

My Decision to Start Observing Shabbat

I’m no Abraham, but his act of walking in faith toward the unknown inspired me to do the same.

A Jewish Bucket List

Every Jew should experience these items in their lifetime.

The Difference between Jews and Palestinians

A whopping 67 percent of Palestinians support stabbing attacks against Israelis.

The Western Wall Pledge

Do we take the Western Wall for granted?

The Indomitable Jewish Spirit

Instead of breaking us, this horrific act of terror has brought us all together.

Trancoso's Hidden Jews

More than five centuries after Portugal's Jews were compelled to convert to Catholicism, the Torah has finally returned to Trancoso.

Poland: Jews Aren't Welcome

Nearly seven decades since the end of World War II, Poland is once again turning on its Jews.

When Christians Repent

Christians supporting the Jewish state? It hardly seems like news anymore.

The War on Chanukah

NY Times' David Brooks could not possibly have gotten it more wrong

The Face of Evil

Hamas, Hizbullah and the Iranian regime are ideologically committed to the Jewish state's destruction.

Slouching Toward Narcissism

How did we go from being a society that cared -- to one that is increasingly so callous?

The Straightforward Arithmetic of Jihad

The extent of support for global jihad is frightening in its proportions, and the numbers are anything but insignificant.

Remember the Bible

It is time to stop being afraid of mentioning the Jewish people's biblical right to the Land of Israel.

Fighting Assimilation

Give American Jews a 'birthright honeymoon.'

Holy Jihad!

Arab clerics do fire and brimstone.

The Real Threat to Europe's Jews

European Jewry is slowly but surely disappearing before our eyes, melting away through a combination of ignorance, assimilation and intermarriage.

The Heroes Among Us

Israel's heroic and breathtaking operation serves as a potent reminder of just how special this country is.

The Inquisition: Full Circle

500 years after being forced to abandon Judaism, some descendents are starting to return.

Arafat's Palm Pilot

Arafat's speech was far too little, and way too late.

Cycle of Absurdity

With the body count of Israeli civilians mounting, it's time to get tough.

Israel's Best Defense

The usual array of pro-Israel activities just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Here's something that everyone can do to directly affect the situation.

7 Ways You Can Help Israel

Whether you're thousands of miles away, or living right in Jerusalem, you can help make a difference in these difficult times.

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