About the Author

Ester (Ellen) Katz Silvers

Ester Katz Silvers has made her home in the Israeli town of Shilo since 1987. Her first novel is entitled, Sondra's Search.

Reb Yaakov's Torah Scroll

An inspiring true story of dedication and renewal.

Not In Kansas Anymore

Somewhere over the rainbow I landed in the land of Israel

A Blizzard in Shilo

Longing for redemption; longing for home.

Tears At Rachel's Tomb

An American woman visits Rachel's Tomb, Judaism's third holiest site, and learns how Jewish destiny embraces all generations.

Community Anguish

Once again tragedy has struck Shilo with the murder of Avi Siton.

Shilo: A Mother's Story

As the intifada rages in Israel, one mother writes of the effect on her family and her faith.

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