About the Author

Gary Rosenblatt

Gary Rosenblatt is the editor and publisher of the Jewish Week.

Mourning, Noon and Night

Jewish mourning and the American spectacle of celebrity death worship.

Revisiting A Mideast Must-Read

A 1984 book on the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the Mideast — now more than ever.

Staying the Course

A leading Jewish journalist views the Mideast conflict from other side of the Atlantic.

Yes, Blame Arafat

The new revisionist view of last summer's Camp David Mideast summit— perhaps best described as a "don't blame Arafat" campaign - is morally and historically false.

Blaming the Settlements

It's all because of the settlements? Don't you believe it!

Learning How To Speak To Generation X

Lack of knowledge and an ingrained sense of moral relativism make it difficult for Jewish college students to fully identify with Israel.

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