About the Author

Lenny Ben-David

The writer served as deputy chief of mission of the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Today, an international consultant, he blogs at www.lennybendavid.com.

Lincoln's Secretary of State’s Jerusalem Visit

William H. Seward’s travelogue describes Friday Night Services at the Western Wall.

Robert Kennedy’s 1948 Reports from the Holy Land

On the cusp of Israeli independence, keen insights from a 22-year-old American scion.

LBJ: A Friend in Deed

Lyndon Johnson's actions to rescue hundreds of endangered Jews during the Holocaust.

Why Are They Saying All Those Terrible Things About Israel?

Israel-bashing in the media: is it just coincidence, or are there other factors driving this trend?

"New Rules" For Mideast Reporting

Next time you read about Israel in the newspaper, be sure you know how to read between the lines.

Quash the PLO, not the PA

Splitting the PLO from the PA presents the United States government with the option to officially label the PLO - and not necessarily the PA - as a terrorist group.

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