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Rabbi Boruch Leff

Rabbi Boruch Leff is a vice-principal at Torah Institute in Baltimore. "Are You Growing?" (Feldheim), his just released book, is a must read if you want to grow spiritually. Click here for info on the book.

The Wonder of Thunder

What's the deeper meaning behind the creation of a loud smack right in the middle of a heavy rainstorm?

Shavuot: The 'Weekest' Link

For the weekly Torah portion in Israel, please click here:...

The Rewards of Having a Rabbi

John and David were researching a Talmudic passage. "Come on, Dave", John urged. "The paper's...

It's a meaningful life

On the importance of toiling in Torah.

Of 'Sefira' Beards and Beacons Gone Bad

If you take a look at Jewish men post-Passover, you'll probably notice many of them with stubble...

Are All Men Created Equal?

A healthy society needs boundaries and limits.

Uncomfortable Musings for Comfortable Jews

Something is strange. The arrangement throughout the Parshas of Tzaria-Metzora is unusual. These...

Sacrifices and the 'Value' of Idol Worship

It sounds funny doesn't it. Can there really be something valuable in worshipping idols? Isn't...

Becoming a Holy Drunk

It seems a bit funny, but getting drunk on Purim can be a spiritual experience.

L'Chaim - To Life?

Life is good. There is no doubt that the vast majority of us feel this way. This is why the most...

A Temple Full of Blood

Dedicated Lezecher Nishmas Yechiel Michael ben Aryeh and Eka Miriam bas Menachem Simcha by Mr. and...

The Power of Community

Here we go again. We seem to being having deja vu. Wasn't it just a few short weeks ago that we...

The Mystical White Snow

The snowy streets are slippery and it's cold and wet. It's also a special time to get close to God.

Miracles Don't Really Matter

How could the Israelites worship the Golden Calf?

The World Series of Life

In life no one's a benchwarmer, and other key lessons from baseball.

Judgment Means Love

All of us fear judgment. No one likes to go to traffic court for a violation. Certainly we don't...

A Tedious Tabernacle?

It happens every year. Every time we open up the Torah to read Exodus, it glaringly stares us in...

Mystical Autumn Leaves

Why did God create a world where I need to do all this raking?

God Knows Best

We have been called the Chosen People since time immemorial. But what exactly happened to grant us...

Act, Don't Just React

We sit around being armchair presidents and prime ministers.

I Learn, Therefore I Teach

We all believe in God, but we constantly struggle with the same issue: how do we increase our...

Go Slow

We have a major problem with this week's Torah portion. In fact, it's a problem with the entire...

Time for Change

The American elections and Rosh Hashana.

For the Love of the Game

We have all heard of the concept of making someone an offer that they cannot refuse. More often...

Excuses, excuses

When we really want to accomplish something, nothing can stand in our way.

The Secret of Jewish Survival

Living up to our name, The People of the Book.

The Strong into the Hands of the Weak

Why Chanukah celebrates the miracle of the oil and not the miraculous military victory.

Applying "The Last Lecture"

If you had one last lecture to give before you died, what would it be?

Rest and Relaxation

Don't we all crave those moments in life of rest and relaxation? Many of us may even use such...

You Are What You Own

Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg on the Jewish view of possessions.

Downfall of the Yankees

Does God care about the baseball playoffs?

Appreciating the Simple Things in Life

Jacob, our Patriarch, was a holy man. We don't usually find holy people overly concerned with...

Torah with Morrie, Final: Leaving a Legacy

Death ends a life, not a relationship.

Torah with Morrie #19: The Completion of Life

It isn't the physical life itself that makes the difference; it is the legacy.

Serving God For Pleasure

If someone approached you and guaranteed that you would receive 100 million dollars if you simply...

Seeing Good in All

God wants us to see the depth within the Yishmael personality

Torah with Morrie #18: Avoiding Youth Envy

Appreciating the gifts that old age provides.

Affronts to confronts

SARAH'S DISBELIEF AND GOD'S CRITICISM How can we put Sarah and disbelief in the same sentence?...

Knowing Your Place

Lot and insubordination.

Torah with Morrie #17: Embracing the Aging Process

Respecting elders is more than good manners, it shows what is truly important in life.

Unified Technology Against God?

"One of the greatest tragedies of intellectual human experience is that we study Bible stories...

Night Owls? Not!

Have you ever tried to get lots of things done at night? Did you ever assume that you can get just...

Torah with Morrie #16: Being Number Two

The pitfalls of trying to always be Number One.

Torah with Morrie #15: Parenting with Pride

Why did God create the world where grownups must suffer through inattentiveness, non-compliance, and general moodiness with our kids?

Torah with Morrie #14: Family First

What is the most important element in achieving happiness?

Torah with Morrie #13: Giving Through Taking

Sometimes the best way to give is by allowing others give to us and take.

Torah with Morrie #12: Making Meaningful Moments Last

How can we ever truly enjoy something when we know that all things will pass?

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