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Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes is publisher of the Middle East Quarterly and Taube distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.

Palestine Betrayed

Efraim Karsh's new tour de force reframes today's Arab–Israeli debate by putting it into its proper historical context.

Peace Process or War Process?

Wars end not through goodwill but through victory.

Where the Nazi "Big Lie" Endures

Why today's Arab anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda strongly resembles that of the Third Reich.

The Enemy Has a Name

Terrorism is just a tactic, not an enemy.

Six Days of War

A new, definitive book on the Six Day War.

How the West Could Lose

Pacifism, self-hatred and complacency are lengthening the war against radical Islam and causing undue casualties.

Denying Muslim Anti-Semitism

Mahathir's views are emblematic of current Muslim discourse about Jews. This evil has already taken innocent lives; unless combated it could take many more.

A Tale of Two Crypts

Jawad Amir Sayyid's story makes a powerful symbolic counterpoint to Saddam Hussein's capture.

Oslo: Ten Years Later

Why Oslo's hopes turned to dust.

On Being Borked

How foes distorted my record.

The Snipers: Crazy or Jihadis?

The jihad element cannot be so readily dismissed.

Why are Palestinians So Angry?

Palestinian rejectionism flourishes.

A War Against What?

Only when "war on terrorism" becomes "war on militant Islam" can the war actually be won.

State's Terror Untruths

This year's report on "Patterns of Global Terrorism" veers into unreliability and even falsehood. It's a dangerous document likely to harm the war on terrorism.

Nightmare on Temple Mount

A disaster in the making.

Terror and Denial at LAX

Call terrorism by its rightful name.

Bush is Rewarding Terrorism

The President's vision for a "provisional" Palestinian leaves one crude message: Terrorism pays.

Locus of Euro-hate

Europe's new anti-Semitism and its old reluctance to face it.

Missing: Realistic Take on Arafat

The purpose of Palestinian violence against Israel is not directed at winning an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza. It is the destruction of the Jewish state itself.

The Only 'Solution' is Victory

If Israel is to protect itself, it must achieve a comprehensive military victory over the Palestinians, so that the latter give up their goal of obliterating it.

Jihad University

The Al-Arian case is not about academic freedom of speech but about a professor being held accountable for being part of a terrorist apparatus that has killed Americans.

Arabs Still Want to Destroy Israel

The latest terrorist attack in Israel reminds us that while Militant Islamic rule in Afghanistan may be history, militant Islam is not.

Who Are We Fighting?

The war against terror should be aimed at Militant Islam.

Arafat's Suicide Factory

Why blame Arafat for the suicide bombings?

Arabs Have Never Accepted Israel

The latest attacks on Israel remind us that the attempt to destroy the Jewish state has gone on since it came into existence in 1948.

Victory Shifts the Muslim World

The Sept. 11 attacks were expected to take a major step toward extinguishing America. Instead they served as a rousing call to arms, reducing the prospects of militant Islam.

Containment: The U.S. War Aim?

Without precise goals, the war will almost certainly go awry. Here's one suggestion: contain radical anti-Westernism among Muslims so that its adherents no longer assault Americans or their allies.

A Middle East Party

Palestinian nationalists and Islamists share a hatred of all things American. Both are taking indecent pleasure from American suffering.

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