About the Author

Galia Berry

Galia Berry lives in the Galilee. You can read about her adventures in Israel on her blog, www.MidlifeInIsrael.com

How Being a Hermit Prepared Me for Corona

For 7 years we lived alone on a mountaintop. Then the three boys in Israel were kidnapped.

Israeli Election Day Miracle

Little did I know that our excursion in the Golan Heights would be life-altering.

The Last Jew of Peki’in

Peki'in has had a Jewish presence since the Second Temple period, until Arab riots in the 1930s. Meet the remaining member of the Zinatis, the only family who returned.

Mental Illness: Tragic, Not Shameful

My brother-in-law was just shy of becoming a chess Grand Master when mental illness reared its ugly head.

Letter from World War II

In commemoration of U.S. Memorial Day, a letter from an American Jewish soldier to his parents.

Hospice: A Jewish View

Angel of mercy or angel of death? A cautionary tale.

The Bracelet

A simple gift from her children teaches one mother an important lesson about love.

The Numbers Game

There is more than one way to define a large family.

Why Go To Poland?

Although my daughter's trip boosted the economy of the very people who wished us dead, it was worth it.

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