About the Author

Michael Oren

Michael B. Oren, Israel's former ambassador to the United States and a member of the Knesset, is the author of "Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide."

For more info visit michaeloren.com.

The Deal with Iran

An Israeli ex-envoy believes the Iran deal is bad for Israel, U.S. and the world.

Netanyahu & Iran

The prime minister's hard line on Iran reflects his deep sense of duty to defend the Jewish state against an existential threat.

Hamas’s Media Manipulation

Hamas knows it can't destroy Israel militarily so it tries to do so through the media.

Red Line on Iran

Why Israel needs to draw the line.

The Wrong Pact

Unity between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is a devastating blow to peace.

Why America Needs Israel

The "realists" are wrong: Israel is America's ultimate ally.

Why Israelis Care about Peace

Despite the disappointment and trauma, Israelis still yearn for peace.

Fatah Isn't the Answer

Bolstering Fatah is tantamount to investing in the Titanic

Six Days, Countless Ramifications

For Israel and the Arab world, the war changed everything.

Pass the Fault

By reducing the Third Reich to a limited dementia, a new film absolves the German people of any moral culpability for perpetrating World War II and destroying European Jewry.

Israel: One Nation Under Attack

Israel's purpose is not retribution but survival.

The End of the Beginning

Ariel Sharon personified Israel's formative era.

The 36 Year War

In order for the road map to succeed, President Bush must first insist that the Palestinians abandon their hope of overwhelming Israel by demographic or other means.

Palestinians Cheer Carnage

The joyful response of so many to the death, suffering, and mutilation of students and university workers raises pointed questions about the health of Palestinian society.

Don't Hold Israel Back

For over half a century, U.S. attempts to rein in Israel militarily have encouraged Arab aggression and contributed to a series of inconclusive wars, setting the stage for even bloodier clashes.

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