About the Author

Leah Kaplan

Leah Kaplan lives with her husband and children in Baltimore, Maryland, where she teaches classes on Judaism. She has an MA in education from Columbia University, Teachers College.

The Gift of Singlehood

In preparation for meeting your soul mate, now is the time to develop the burning desire to give.

The Mommy Chronicles: Back to School and Shul

Getting ready to go back to school and getting ready for the High Holidays have a lot in common.

The Mommy Chronicles: One Small Red Lego

Why do we desire whatever belongs to someone else?

The Mommy Chronicles: Potty Training and Diet Advice

In my attempts to teach my three-year-old some self-control, I lost mine.

The Mommy Chronicles: Honorable Mentions

Honor is found in the boardroom, the locker-room, the courtroom, and even the star's dressing room, but not in my kids' playroom.

The Mommy Chronicles: A Clean House

I'm my own version of superwoman. I do it all, but I don't clean the bathroom, and I'm okay with that.

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