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Chef Herschel Arnow

Chef Herschel prepares hundreds of meals a day at Aish HaTorah’s World Center in Jerusalem. He caters the five star meals for the Jerusalem Fund missions as well as the daily food for the Yeshiva students. Before arriving at Aish HaTorah Jerusalem, he received his B.A. in Business administration and his M.A. in education. While working at Aish he completed a chef’s course in Jerusalem.

Bread: Back to Basics

The ABCs of making bread.


Goes great on your favorite Mexican food and on top of a piece of fresh challah on Shabbat.

Food Management for Rosh Hashana

With seven meals to prepare, keep it simple!

Let's Have a Cookout - Part II

Best practices and recipes for a successful cookout.

Let's Have a Cookout, Part 1

Practical tips and tasty recipes.

Dagwood Sandwiches

Some exciting sandwich alternatives.

Mr. Potato Head

Let us all praise the common potato.

Spinach: The Food that Made Popeye Great

It wasn't until my wife made creamed spinach that I really realized what I was missing.

Alfredo L'originale

Think Fettuccine Alfredo tastes so good it must be difficult to make? It's not. Just relax and follow the recipe.

Chicken Wings

Inexpensive, abundant, and tasty.

Is There Peanut Butter in Heaven?

I don't know, but if you get there first, please come back and let me know.

Easy as Pie

It's easy as pie -- when you know how to do it.

Amazing Soy

It's Good for your heart, and great for the Nine Days.

Drink! Drink!

It's summer and we need to drink a lot. Here are some of my favorite concoctions.

Cabbage Head

Dress up your coleslaw and try one of these alternative recipes.

Coriander: Herb and Spice Series #4

Its sharp, crispy smell and a distinctive taste make it a perfect spice to liven up your cooking.

Soup to Nuts

Great soups for every occasion.

Chicken Delights

It's easy to make a good tasting chicken.

Paprika! Herb and Spice Series #2

Put a little spice into your life.

The Impromptu Dinner Party

A complete menu for a dinner party with a lot of wild cards.

A Meaty Passover

Three great recipes for meat at your Passover Seder.

Couscous? It Sure Doesn't Look Jewish

In praise of the ever so versatile couscous.

Everyone Loves Shnitzel

Four great recipes, without any of the oil.

Chef's Secrets: Spaghetti

Mastering the art of spaghetti.

Chef's Secrets: Salad Dressing

A fun, easy way to save money and win raves.

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