About the Author

Rabbi Aryeh Leib Nivin

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin is a teacher of Personal Development and a Professional Life Coach. He also runs telephone phone conference calls that specialize in Jewish Personal Development. Rabbi Nivin has been involved for decades with many new and innovative programming ideas in many different Jewish organizations and businesses. He lives in Ashdod in southern Israel with his wife and lively family.

We Are All Sderot

A missile exploded just 100 meters from my home and suddenly I care about the people of Sderot.

Making God Your Bottom Line

The ultimate pleasure in life is to develop and strengthen your relationship with God. Sounds good. Now how do we do it?

Mastering One Mitzvah

The Torah prescribes 613 mitzvot. That's a big number by any measure. But in a sense, it only comes down to one.

Making A Plan for Your Life

God created us with a specific set of talents. Our purpose is to maximize that potential.

The Fast of Gedalia

One day after Rosh Hashanah commemorates a Jewish tragedy whose message reverberates today.

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