About the Author

Yaacov Deyo

Yaacov Deyo is a graduate of Harvard College, where he studied physics and economics. He received his rabbinic degree from Aish HaTorah in 1996. He is a founder of SpeedDating and Jewish Impact Films, and is presently the Managing Director for the Jewish Enrichment Center in Manhattan.

Dating Sabotage

Three common dating mistakes that can be fatal to a life-long relationship.

SpeedDating® Tip #1: Don't Confuse Dating with a Relationship

The secret to avoiding years of go-nowhere entanglements.

SpeedDating® Tip #2: Evaluate Your Date Part 1

Tools to accurately judge your date's character.

SpeedDating® Tip #3: Inappropriate Date Topics

Not all topics are appropriate to discuss in the first few dates.

SpeedDating® Tip #4: Dressing for Dates - a Guiding Principle

Dressing attractively -- not to attract -- is an essential ingredient to finding your lifelong spouse.

The Perfect Storm

God sent a letter and used half the Mediterranean as stationery.

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