About the Author

Diane Faber Veitzer

Diane writes from Los Angeles, California.

A Gift from the Coast of Nowhere

A boy who has basically nothing has something most of us lack.

Confessions of an SJF

I may lack a husband and children, but that's no reason for self-pity.

Seizing Change

By seizing change today, we might avoid the seizure tomorrow.

Lessons from the Coast of Nowhere

A young African child, whose family couldn't scrape together five dollars to keep him in school, has something most people lack.

It's Never Too Late

After 15 years of dating for marriage, I hit the jackpot in a most unexpected way.

Standing Before God

Having just turned 43, never married, no kids, I was having a tough time getting up the enthusiasm to pray for these same things once again

My African Vacation

My vacations are usually escapes to places where cares are few and comforts are many. This year I went where cares are many and comforts are few.

Dancing with Grandma

Dancing with my grandmother is discovering that you are the most wonderful person in the entire world.

It's Already Broken

If having possessions means living in fear and loss, we are not richer for them.

Safe in the City

I wanted an evening filled with the magic experience of Sukkot, but I was getting in the way.

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

It may make sense for businesses to judge by current performance, but this thinking is particularly toxic when applied outside the workforce.

Traveling Light

The guidelines for a good vacation are also great tools for the good life.

Celebrating the Success of Others

We can either tear down another person's success or be inspired by the example. We can choose to be Abel, or choose to be Cain.

The Curse of the Billable Hour

As a lawyer, life can be an endless game of billing time. What happens to those non-billable hours?

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