About the Author

Gerald M. Steinberg

PROF. GERALD STEINBERG is director of the Conflict Management Program at Bar-Ilan University, a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, and editor of www.ngo-monitor.org. He completed his doctorate in international relations at Cornell University, and his analyses on the Arab-Israel conflict, including strategic and diplomatic dimensions, have been published in journals such as Survival, Comparative Politics, Israel Affairs, Security Dialogue, and Middle East Quarterly. He serves as an adviser on foreign and defense policy to the Israeli government, and is currently writing a book on the political agendas of the human rights NGO network.

On Journalists, Political conflict and NGOs

When the media itself promotes the unchecked power of political groups and suppresses criticism of these NGOs, democracy is ill-served.

Not Quite Free

European democracies are trying to covertly manipulate Israeli society and politics. Do you have a problem with that?

Abusing the Holocaust

Invoking the Holocaust to bash Israel.

NGOs and the Anti-Israel Agenda

The role of NGOs in exploiting human rights to demonize Israel.

The Apartheid Propaganda

Labeling Israel as an "apartheid state" is the embodiment of the new anti-Semitism that seeks to deny the Jewish people the right of equality and self-determination among the nations.

Human "Wrongs"

Israel's efforts to defend itself seem to constitute a moral crime of the gravest magnitude.

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