About the Author

Rabbi Aryeh Markman

Rabbi Aryeh Markman graduated with honors in Finance from the University of Illinois and spent 5 years leading tours around the world. His claim to fame is he was on the first ever Discovery Seminar and it worked! He is the Executive Director of Aish Los Angeles where he lives with his wife Rochel (his editor) and their children.

Rabbis Can Run

The only thing between who you are now and who you want to be is the pain you are willing to endure.

15 Lessons from Shiva

Practical ideas for helping to ease someone through the mourning process.

How to Activate Your Sukkah

How is the Sukkah structure relevant to our lives in the 21st century?

It's the News, Stupid

Lessons learned from an intensive week in the Middle East.

It's Not About The Bike

Learning life lessons -- on two wheels.

Strawberries with Everything

Poignant lessons from 16 days in the hospital.

Along the Talmudic Trail

How learning Talmud every day, rain or shine, indelibly altered my view of reality.

The California Fire Within

It all begins with one match.

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