About the Author

Dr. Jackie Yaris

Jackie Yaris is a physician practicing internal medicine in Beverly Hills, Ca. She is also a wife and the mother of three young children.

Chanukah Lights Dancing

Chanukah's tiny lights brazenly face the night's bitter challenge, transforming fear into a soft caress of hope.

Murmurs in the Dark

Many of my patients seek something far more difficult for me to give than medical advice.

The Human Touch

A letter jolted me out of my complacency, reminding me that real change is truly possible.

Peanut Butter Time

A deadly diagnosis can cut through the fog of petty concerns and yield a striking clarity.

The Human Touch

A letter jolted me out of my complacency, reminding me that real change is truly possible.

When the Jasmine Blooms

It was one of those mornings - kids creating havoc and so many patients waiting to see me. And then the unexpected happened.

Grandpa Joe's Alpine Legacy

The joy of skiing, etched into a family's DNA, spans four generations -- from war torn Austria to a Californian mountainside.

The Cheerio King

As an internist, I often see stress and anxiety masquerade as physical ailments. What is happening to our freedom?

More Life to Live

Mr. Meyer had less than a 1% chance walking out of the hospital. But that was only according to science.

Feeling Beauty

Learning to see life through the eyes of a poet.

Hunting for Rainbows

She was terminally ill with no possibility for cure. Her husband insisted we do everything possible to keep her alive. I couldn't help wondering: Did we launch her into some painful, hellish limbo?

Seeing Angels

Some things I didn't learn in medical school.

Mr. Stein's Mysterious Ailment

There were no sudden bolts of light, but I knew that right in front of me was a miracle.

Cotton Candy Angels

Everything can change in an instant.

Keep on Singing

Look carefully at the quiet miracles happening all around you.

Finding God on Mt. Whitney

Soaring high into the deep blue California sky, a ribbon of humanity and caring was created.

Confessions of a Yam-less Mother

As a doctor, wife and mother, I was blessed to have it all. But that leaves me on my toes, spinning as fast as I possibly can.

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