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David Harris

David Harris is CEO of American Jewish Committee (AJC). Please join 95,800 others and follow him on Twitter @DavidHarrisAJC.

UN Human Wrongs Council

Could they distinguish between a democratic state and a terrorist entity? Clearly not.

Peace: More than a Slogan

A New York Times columnist's blind spot on Israel.

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Step back from the news of the moment and take stock of the larger picture.

Yearning for Peace

Please stop lecturing Israel about the need to pursue peace.

The U.S.- Israel Relationship: Fact and Fiction

What is the truth about the Israel lobby?

It's Not About Israel

The destabilizing factors in the Middle East run far deeper than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Wake-Up Call

It's time to recognize that Israel is in danger and needs our help. If we Jews aren't going to respond to the call, who will?

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